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Does Uncle Teo provides ferry to Clementi??

"It just got off from a shaky footing when there are many in reality is trying so hard to look good..."
Clementi Stadium in rain
Just less than a week from the kickoff of the 2012 S.League season, the league authority dropped another shocker that totally caught everyone in the fraternity off guard when it was announced defending champions Tampines Rovers will be relocated to Clementi Stadium, while its previous tenants Tanjong Pagar United will be "heading home" to Queenstown Stadium.

In a statement made known to the media, S.League CEO Lim Chin said:"Queenstown Stadium was made available a fortnight ago and after discussions with both clubs, the decision was made to relocate both clubs to Clementi and Queenstown Stadium respectively.

"This move bodes well as Tampines Rovers will now be able to start the season without the concerns of having to relocate later on in the season while Tanjong Pagar will return to their rightful home at Queenstown."

Queenstown Stadium
Following the sit-out by Etoile FC weeks ago, the status of the Queenstown Stadium has long been the talking point on whether the Jaguars would make a swift return to Stirling Road where they started out as Tiong Bahru CSC decades ago.

However, with plan of setting up a pro-shop in Clementi Stadium and having just re-affirmed its commitments to the west coast region not that long ago in a recent article, it would have thought it's something not going to happen too soon for Tanjong Pagar United, until the news broke out.

"It has always been the club’s dream to play our home matches at our rightful home at Queenstown Stadium. Now that is it confirmed we are moving back to the Queenstown Stadium, our return to the S.League is finally complete and I am very happy that this has taken place." said Tanjong Pagar United chairman Edward Liu in the same statement.

While it may seem to be a "home sweet home" move back for the Jaguars, it somehow may have undermine their ambition to be the main club in the west coast area of Singapore with the arrival of the Stags from the East, as it may deprive the catchment area of Clementi, West Coast, Ayer Rajah that they initially targeted.

No time to bid farewell by the Stags to their fans in Tampines
Not really an ideal situation for Tampines Rovers either with this sudden relocation, even though it was made known some times back their base - Tampines Stadium is due for a government redevelopment plan.

It will be a sudden farewell to their passionate supporters with little fanfare and having to start from a scratch in the area where their name is felt so alien in other established housing estate - Clementi.

So just wondering if Tampines Rovers chairman Mr Teo Hock Seng would provides ferry services from east to west to cater the Stags faithful?


  1. Although Singapore is a city state, but Tampines Rovers' relocation to Clementi is still, IMO, sounds ridicious as the team is from the East side of the country but their home ground is at the West!

    I still think the best option is for Tampines Rovers to share ground with Geylang United at Bedok for the time being as Bedok is still much nearer to Tampines than Clementi somehow.

    For the case of Home United a few years ago is different as the team doesn't carries the name 'Bishan' or 'Ang Mo Kio' while playing in Clementi.


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