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[Event] Northern Footballers Rejoice with new Futsal League & Venue

(This entry is formulated based on the transcript of the media release issued by X-League, one of the partners of this blog.)

(P.S: The images depicted in this blog entry are provided by X-League.)

Not just futsal, the new facilities include eateries and a supermarket within reach
The Woodlands region, located at the north of Singapore, will see a new futsal league kicks off in the month of March.

Boasting eight social football teams with players from both Singapore and Malaysia, the new tournament will encompass a unique three team promotion/relegation structure sanctioned by the Football Association of Singapore (FAS).

The X-League's Sports Planet (SP) Futsal League is the brainchild of both X-League and its partners, Sports Planet with effort to bring the smaller version of the beautiful game to residents staying in the north.

"Weather-proof" - a total of four sheltered futsal pitches
All matches will be played in Sports Planet's latest facilities at Woodlands Industrial Park 7.

The winning team of this new league will get a chance to pit their skills against their Malaysian counterparts at Sports Planet's Annual Futsal Tournament in Kuala Lumpur in a sponsored trip for the entire team.

The tournament in the Malaysian capital will encompass 32 teams including the champions from twelve Sports Planet venues across Malaysia.

"We'll add our shout to the 'Kallang Roar' mania by rewarding the inaugural futsal season winner with a chance to pit their skills across the causeway."said Mr Navin Nambiar, Managing Director of the X-League.

Citing the legendary atmosphere generated by the Singapore fans at the demolished National Stadium during the old Malaysia Cup days during the 1970s to 1990s.

Total of eight teams will be taking part in this new league
Ridding on the hype generated by the participation of the Lions XII in the domestic league across the other side of the Causeway, the organizers hope it will help keep the momentum going with this gesture that would be an extra incentive to spur the participating teams.

Which is why the choice of staging this new tournament in the new facilities in Woodlands is equally crucial as Navin feels Sports Planet's expertise will complement with that of X-League's envision of having a successful event.

"Our partnership with Sports Planet also comes as a natural choice since they are the largest and most professionally run futsal venue provider in Singapore and Malaysia." said Navin.

A sentiment that is echoed by Mr Daniel Heng, Director, Sports Planet.

"We feel that with this collaboration, we're reaching out to a wider target audience with similar social footballing interests in the North and across the border.

"We're very excited about our new Woodlands futsal venue and look forward to working with the X-League on similar projects moving forward." said Mr Heng.

Quality match play to be complement by quality match ball
What is more in store are incentives to entice players with the dangling of goodies to players with the awarding of boots and goalkeepers gloves to outstanding performers kindly sponsored by Weston Corporation, Singapore's Premier Soccer Store who will also be supplying the league official ball - Mitre Pro futsal balls.

To encourage interaction among the teams and players of the league, the organizers had appointed local renowned online soccer forum site - as the official forum for the league to serve as a meeting point to fulfill such purpose.

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  1. I'm sorry man, grass pitch for futsal is never good.

    If u asked most of the boys in KL, they will prefer the rubber type pitch more than this.

    Even professional competition did use rubber type pitch.


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