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[Instant Reaction] The already known "Bugbears" of "Vision 2030"

Just a small scribe about my instant reaction after having heard the launch of the "Vision 2030" which I think the two usual suspects - "Paper Chase" and "National Service (NS)" could cause part of the project to hit the kerb if no solution are there to nail them down.

"Serving the Nation"
A tricky situation pertaining the NS issue that long dogged the various national teams that exemption were not granted in time to allow those affected ones a chance to bask for the nation glory.

Harris Harun (foreground) is serving his NS now, while Delwinder Singh (behind Hariss) is studying for his diploma
Nonetheless, the Acting Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports Chan Chun Sing remain upbeat when he revealed not long ago that "very positive" discussions are taking place with the relevant authorities to address this matter.

"Paper Chase"
(Picture credit SAFFC)
Which is why I thought the recent joint collaboration (pictured above) by S.League club SAFFC with its partners, Asia Pacific School of Sports and Business (APSSB) to come up with a scheme to allow aspirant footballer to attain an adequate academic qualification on top of having the opportunity to improve their footballing skills is one such good move to give skeptical parents out there a boast in confidence.

While we applause the latest initiative of the "Vision 2030" to turn Singapore into a truly sporting nation, we all know deep inside our heart that so long the above-mentioned two main bugging issues remain unresolved.

It's pointless to project what are the goods that would be materialized in the end if not viable solutions are in place to solve the problems in the first place...


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