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How frustrated can it be again?

Despite all the hindrances facing the National Under-23 squad in their preparation for the upcoming SEA Games, the local game authority boldly set a "final" target for the Cubs.

Nothing wrong with being ambitious, as it departs from the usual modest target to settle for a "semi-final" in the biennial games even if we had our best squad in the past capable of the elusive gold.

Yet, the biggest bugbear facing the team to be led by FAS Technical Director Slobodan Pavkovic is the high number of players being enlisted for the mandatory National Service (NS).

Hariss Harun (14) in action for Lions 

Already several boys found themselves crippled by the ruling, notably Hariss Harun (pictured above middle) and Safuwan Baharudin (pictured above right) - two of the star performers in the ongoing fading World Cup qualifiers.

As a result of it, Hariss was not able to feature in several key matches.

All these after fruitless negotiating behind the scene between relevant parties to secure the release of the mentioned players.

While we know it's impossible to scrap the NS policy, it happened at a time when the government is talking about having a viable "sporting nation" concept for its people.

The lack of clearly defined direction to help any sportsman in this sticky mess would further raise more doubt on the whole concept if relevant parties are committed to resolving this issue.

Just like a posting online by someone might be affected - "less than 20 days to go, TEKONG (NS) or JAKARTA (SEA Games)?" that sums up the prolonged waiting game for all.


  1. Sounded like I pressed the panic button?

    One feedback from the blog group replied-

    "You are doing them a favor by pressing it now because by the time they want to press it, it will already be too late

  2. I wonder if ppl still rmb the goal of the SEA Games is supposed to develop players when tht man tk over in 09

    He claimed he wnted to build a side for 2013. (Another broken from 09, wht news)

    Oh Yeah, it is his last yr to win glory fr himself other than his MC which he is pursing at all cost even ignoring the players needs according to TODAY as some players do nt wnt to join but is forced to.

    Who can blamed the plyers as take note the problem with this Malaysia team, it ignored players after 28 but today players can play until their mid-30s so wht happen to them

    Tht why some plyers wnt to stay with clubs as they wnt a secure future as stronger clubs like Home & SAF r known to offer 2-year contract to long serving players & they may nt wnt them when they 'retire' from his Malaysia team & worse is everybdy knw once FAS run out of $, it will leave players in the cold as they cnnt move elsewhere until after 28

    But do tht man care abt tht problem

    So many problems ignored & unanswered


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