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Singapore's dream in tatters (and more than that)...

Isa Halim after the final whistle was blown
Things just don't look that good when we conceded a goal within the first 15-minute slot that saw Abdallah Deeb scored to give the Jordanian the lead, when the Lions barely find the momentum upfront with some misguided balls that strayed away needlessly.

Safuwan's (extremely right in red) header almost levelled the scores
Few chances that came across following that setback with defender Safuwan Baharudin's "out-of-nowhere" header from close range nearly leveled the scores in the 35th minute or so, but the scores stayed that way at the end of the first 45 minutes.

Like their Iraqis counterparts, the Jordanians show no awkwardness on plastic surface, despite the earlier grouse by their coach Adnan Hamad over the surface like Zico did earlier.

Ahmad Ibrahim (extremely right in white) scored the third for Jordanians in 63rd minute
It is clear that the Middle-Easterners being the more dynamic side and undeniable deserved the win more than we do.

With two more goals that came in the second half as the result of swift attacking plays from the visitors, it all but over for the Singapore dream in their World Cup quest.

Skipper Shahril Ishak had his chance to draw level too in this attempt
Yet this defeat at home is more than just a loss of chance to make it to the greatest show on earth, but it is a huge gamble that backfired in the expenses when we are trying to pick up the pieces at our own backyard.

Speaking at the post-match press conference, Assistant Coach V.Sundramoorthy (pictured above): “I think we did not take our chances and it is important at this level to convert chances when you have them. I think with time, with these young boys, we have a future. We have three games left and mathematically, if we get maximum points from the remaining games, we will still have a chance.”

Adding on, he said:“We are developing this team and they are a young team. We started the game positively and should have minimised our mistakes. The players fought till the end and they tried their best.”

Jordan’s Head Coach Hamad (pictured above) said: “I am very happy that the team played well and got a good result. And we are closer to the fourth round now. We respect the Singapore team and that’s why we played a good game. The players deserve the result.”

(Quotes extracted from the FAS media release shortly after the match)



  1. I knew the result along and that's why I don't even bother to switch on the TV. I can even imagine the next day newspaper headlines. Not that I have a crystal ball though.

    Seriously do we expect a Cherry QQ to beat a Ferrari in a race? Come on, I live in a real world.

  2. Good piece Po Hui, you are getting better and better with the overall match analysis.
    Also V.Sundram positive comments about Lions future without looking back is reassuring.
    As to negative comment in view by Vincent, let me tell him he might as well dont bother, who are ya who are ya?

  3. look at our neighbours indonesia and Thailand that took on middle eastern teams bahrain and saudi respectively(youtube highlights,u be the judge and compare our neighbours standard with us)....and look at singapore my goodness 3 losses in a row and i believe it will be 6 full losses when the campaign ends. SO now Raddy and ur protected players plus the one that heads the assosciation(i dun know ur name and i also dun bother to know)...what other more excuses are u goin to give again???...happy now to go back to malaysia cup which is the only level that singapore soccer can attain?? Singapore soccer rot to the core....Cheers


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