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Amy wowed the crowds!!!

That's Amy for you!!! 
I just could not recall when was the last time my hair actually STAND during a match, but when Malay rock legend Amy of Search fame wowed his audience of his classic - ISABELLA during the half time of the veterans match - it did!

Such an impact was that song that whole stadium actually sang it when it was performed by the legendary singer during the interval.

It's not just having such performance by those big name and whose who in the Malay entertainment scene, but the footballing atmosphere that is not often experienced back at home.

The Klang Valley supporters were out in full force!!
That's probably one of the reason why some of us are looking forward to the annual Sultan of Selangor Cup if it's being staged in Shah Alam.

You see, the only word to describe the whole atmosphere at Stadium Shah Alam was - ELECTRIFYING!

Just like once a senior figure in local football told me,"In REAL football, players cannot even hear among themselves, let alone the whistle blown by the referee!"

How true is it and it's only for one to come up and see for own self...

  • Selangor Veterans beat Singapore Veterans 3-1 to retain their title.
  • Singapore Selection beat Selangor Selection 1-0 to make this win three on a roll.


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