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[Instant Reaction] FAS's decision to withdraw direct application to ACL

"Status-quo" and that's for sure

By his own words, has Mr Zainudin Nordin, the president of the Football Association of Singapore acknowledged the "lack of critical mass in key areas such as talent pool and resources" that "there is still a pressing need for us to continue having foreign teams participating in our league"?

My only reaction is - How irony can it be as it was only just yesterday when I blogged about "THE CHANCE" talent global search and seen for myself some of the raw talents being unearthed from the weekend and amateur scenes with whom some S.League clubs, I was told, are keen to "follow up" with them.

Yet, the decision based on what quoted on this source is not doubt a regrettable one, as many fans out there perceived as a way to accommodate the foreigner-based teams in our league.

While Mr Zainudin mentioned in his letter to the AFC president Mohamed Bin Hammam that " having foreign teams in the S-League was to inject 'more excitement and competitiveness for our fans, expose our local teams and players to various styles of play, secure non-Singapore sponsors and attract more fans, especially those from the expatriate community residing and working in Singapore'".

But has the result yield anything that benefit Singapore football? That's my question.

Over to you, sir and thanks for your kind attention.


  1. the next thing we know we will be going back to the malaysia cup. this is a backward step. zzz

  2. I think it is more the resources that is the problem

    Hving 12 local teams is easy but whether they survive is another matter.

    MLS is good ex.

    In 10 years from their debut, they only expanded to 12 teams from 10 & it took them nearly 9 years before adding their 'first' new team.*

    Even A-league is finding out, adding teams is easy but to survive is another matter.

    But this is nt to say Zaindiun has nothing to ans as the problem now is he seem to hve short term plan in addition to his 15-year plan

    Ex. what is his target in his 5 years in charge of FAS? To re-start the nonsense FAM-FAS Series again or even the no-support ASL.

    His reigme is a mess as it is looking clear he is betting all his chips on 2014 on ASL as our S-league CEO was also send to be ASL person-in-charge as no other FAs want the job.

    That why S-league looked neglected as our President want ASL football.

    * MLS had try expanding before but quickly folded the new teams as they noticed it was adding to the bleeding of $.

  3. Frankly speaking, S League was being 'expanded' too fast when it was expanded to 12 teams 10+ years ago and that was only the third or forth year of S League!

    And we can see that with foreign teams, S League goes into a decline instead, much worse than the days where there are only local teams in the S League.

    I suggested that S League to get rid of all the foreign teams, reduce to 10 teams and if possible, remove the Young Lions' S League participation also.

    Let's not forget that for Singapore's case, it is not logical to have foreign teams and the nation's youth teams in the DOMESTIC league! Just look at the league around us, with the exception of Australia, all the regional leagues have only their own domestic teams in it! Even Hong Kong league does not have China Mainland team for now!

    And most importantly, now we can see how much the 'benefits' that foreign teams bring to the local soccer scene but sadly FAS want to proceed with it!

  4. Logically, our league are only capable for 10-12 teams at most. FAS should focus on longer term project e.g., promotion/relegation system and stadium facility. but before they implement the promotion/relegation system, they need to improve our 2nd tier league (NFL). The ideal number of teams in the 2nd Tier league should be 10-12 teams. I feel that Swiss Super League or Austrian Football Bundesliga look more suitable to our football system here

  5. Frankly...I see much better local football Geylang International, Balestier United or Tiong Barhu put during their amaeteur Premier League days than most of the football we see now in the S League..

    i.e. We have improve little or none (with reference to the local league standard)...

  6. Why can't FAS think of how to revive teams like Jurong FC, Tanjong Pagar United and Sembawang Rangers and instead they choose to think which foreign craps to be invited in.

    It is an insult that our DOMESTIC league have to rely on foreign elements to survive! SHAME ON YOU FAS!

  7. Talks of reviving the "sit-out" clubs always surface every time we face another round of "magic chair" at in between seasons.

    But still it takes two hands to clap.

    If FAS decided to "help" revive those "sit-outs", have those management of Jaguars, Cobras or Stallions making any effort to help themselves to lift out of the doldrums OR they might have completely left the game for good.

    Take a cue from those Wimbledon FC fans who decided to take things in their own hand and revive the clubs, rather than associate themselves with MK Dons


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