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Another "Uncle" at the Stadium... (edited)

A "close-up" of this "Uncle" who is a regular at most games, renown for his ranting

So this is the another "Uncle", other than that "Uncle Party-popper", whom I had been tracking down who he is, ever since I last filmed him at Toa Payoh Stadium many years back...


A passionate fan...indeed (minus those "colorful" languages, though)

It is never the intention of this entry to cause any embarrassment to any individual, but as a reader ("Anonymous" who posted on 16th Oct 2009 at 11:13AM) pointed out this posting is an act of "degrading the fans who are just enjoying themselves".

Heeding that as an advice, I hereby would like to extend my sincere apology to any individual for any cause of disturbance and embarrassment derived from this entry and removed the picture and video clip from the entry at my own initiative.

Although, I would like to add that the removed video clip is just merely a sight at games, and "colorful" languages in it should be discouraged especially if there are young children nearby. No doubt, football is a game of passion.

Greater care to taken care into consideration when portraying fans at the stadiums.

I am sorry...


  1. He is living in his own world.
    An ideal candidate for a heart attack.

  2. Hi Pat,

    He's one of many kind of fans we would come across at the grounds.

    On the same day, one fan, whom I know to be an odd-ball that always dance around the stadium, asked me who was the guy on the papers when he pointed Mr Dollah on 新明日报.

  3. Haha... I think that all these Party Poppers and Ranting Uncles are bigger fans than most of the people in the stadium. At least they make the effort to go to the stadium to watch the League.

    Arent they better than those who work in the League, more concern about the food that is served during half-time, abusing the authority that comes along with the possession of the S-League pass and also trying to sweep every and any negative comments under the 'gigantic carpet' that they have.

    Cmon, if you take away the complimentary ticket holders, how many people would turn up - and what is their agenda for being at the stadium?

    At least I detest those who goes around claiming that they love the League, support the league but their ulterior motive is solely to earn money out of it (and not through betting) and also writing untrue accounts of game.

    Top 10 league in Asia? No more!

  4. Anyway, when I see this Uncle, I will tell him of his rights that he have against your post.

    You are just purely degrading the fans who are just enjoying themselves. Seriously, would you even pay $5 to go in to the stadium?

    Touch your heart - please.

  5. I am glad to see you that drastic and concrete actions on removing the Uncle's photos and video clip.

    For that, you get some of my respect.

    But then again, it cannot conceal the fact that the S-League is going the 'S' way - Sliding!


  6. I wonder what's there to apologise to. I think it's only natual that you are prepared to take whatever you dish out on your chin.

    I personally dun think the post is degrading in any case.


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