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[Event] Live televised match back to heartlands at Bedok Stadium on May Day...

(Poster courtesy of Geylang United FC )

Live televised football is making its return to heartlands on the Labour Day (1st May 2009), when Geylang United will play hosts to defending Singapore Cup holders SAFFC at the Bedok Stadium.

The Eagles are enjoying some good run of form lately since Mike Wong took over as the head coach of the Bedok-based team, whereas the SAFFC Warriors aren't having that kind of luxury after that away defeat to DPMM that knocked them off from the top of the table days ago at Brunei.

Singapore Cup trophy

Still cup game is a different kind of ball game as it's a "knock-out" competition with whoever lose this fixture will have wait for another season to challenge for the coveted trophy (above).

So being a "long weekend" this coming weekend, it's a good option to head down to Bedok Stadium for a night to be filled with thrill and explosive actions rather than be at the pubs, discos or being couch potatoes!!

See you there, match kick-off at 7.30pm (Singapore time)


  1. Hi Mr Pohui,

    jus a question, why is it so funny that every live match should be in Jalan Besar stadium, theres no feeling of Home and Away team spirit. Just my 2 cents thought.

  2. You mean "Knock-out" competition, Po Hui? Good piece of advertisement though..

  3. Hi "Anonymous",

    I don't really have an answer to your question but the good thing about the JBS pitch is - it's weather-proof.

    Hi Jiing Yih,

    Thanks again, I think I must be getting old.. indeed it was supposed to be out not off.


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