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Stuck with the Lions in the rain at Geylang (Field)!!

To be honest, Geylang is a place that's been maligned for long time.

No thanks to its sleazy background that it has to compliment with the fact that it's a "makan" (dining) paradise as well.

Was at Geylang area to catch the national team in preparation for the upcoming Suzuki Cup at the Geylang Field, which is strategically located in Geylang - the dinners' paradise (that's the fact, guys!!).

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Here was I stuck in the rain at Lorong 8, GEYLANG.

Coach Raddy and the team in the rain.. it was raining very heavily...

The team managed to have a bit of a practice match.

But the rains forbid the session from going further...

Coach Raddy left with no option but to call off the training.

"Take care and don't catch a cold" as Coach Raddy instructed his boys...

Hyrulnizam Juma'at made his way out of the ground as the rains begun to stop.


  1. Me love Geylang Field long time!

    At least the players had something to do when training was called off early! have a nice meal I mean!


  2. Good job Pohui, really a cool site for me to keep updated on the Singapore football scene with those pics. Keep them coming especially with the Lions gearing for the Suzuki...

    KLB (KL Ben) =)

  3. Haha.. "Greenrover", glad you didn't missed out the last words, if not people would get the wrong idea :P

    Hi Ben, thanks.. will keep you update here.. just feel free to drop by anytime :)

    BTW guys, you can select "Name/URL" if you want to leave your name and email, which allow you to do that once you "check" it..


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