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It's almost done (the Jalan Besar Stadium new surface)

Hopefully, this new playing surface will end the agony of some players who complained about the "batu" (rock solid) surface of the Jalan Besar Stadium.  According to Mr Wong Chee Hoong, the director of " ibuild Sportscape Pte Ltd " - the contracting company responsible to lay out the new surface, this new playing surface is weather-proof and the blades of the playing surface are sculptured to be just like the real blade of grass with a "backbone at its back".  The following statement (in italic ) quoted from this page details more information about the new surface that replaced the one that was unveiled in 2005 .  "The 2 star FIFA rating at Jalan Besar Stadium is the first of its kind in Asia and allows the football pitch to be used for international matches. One of the most famous games played on a FIFA approved pitch was Russia versus England at the Luzhniki Stadium in Euro 2008."  PICTURES FROM THE SIDELINES "It just feels like the rea

The 50 worst things about modern football

Some of you had seen it somewhere, if not here's a reproduction of the list... See if you agree (to some certain it's true, though from a British perspective) The Times - The 50 worst things about modern football - Reasons Why The Modern Game Makes Us Mad Kaveh Solhekol Football is one of the greatest things in the world but it’s not perfect. It used to be perfect. Before money and television and the Bosman ruling and Baby Bentleys and roastings and tattoos and takeovers and no standing and agents and prawn sandwiches and rotation. These are the 50 worst things about modern football. It could have been 500. 50. Technical areas Did Bob Paisley need a technical area when Liverpool won three European Cups and six league titles? Did Alf Ramsey need a technical area when England won the World Cup? What’s so technical about a bit of grass and some white lines, anyway? Memo to all modern managers: Sit down and shut up. 49. Motorway service stations You pop in to go to the toilet and

A humble lesson for all (edited)

Archived from " "(click for a better view, those hand-written notes on it are my comments) Now as it's confirmed that DPMM is the latest addition to the S.League, let's welcome them with a open arms and get ready for the gearing up for season 2009. At the meantime, I managed to dig out something out from the archive and fittingly I think it should served as a reminder to all that never take Singapore football too lightly. Mr Hong In Woong should know why... BTW, a friend texted me and pointed out my grammar... thanks man :)

Can I go to Brunei??

Got the text message (above) while at my work this afternoon that confirmed DPMM as the 12th team of the league. (Picture credit: DPMM's official site ) "Welcome to the S.League.." as what the first message that came to my mind with the local league welcome its newest addition, the third in three years (if we counted Liaoning Guangyuan and Dalian Shide Siwu as DPMM's predecessor). I'm not trying to draw or bridge any comparison but let's hope this would be the end of the shambolic maze of club recruiting to the league. Probably, the "Sinchi curse" is something that haunted the latter two Chinese-based clubs as both barely survived after a season, with Liaoning embroiled itself in "that thing" scandal and Dalian failed to meet the cut in many areas. The Hassanal Bolkiah National Stadium , where DPMM will stage their home games (Picture credit: The Daily Brunei Resources , it do look like our own National Stadium) So what can we expect fr

Friendly: Young Lions 0-1 Gombak United (edited)

This being the third time I been to Geylang Field. The first time, I was there to catch the national team training only to have the rain disrupted the whole session, while the second time was there only to have the groundsman told me that the Lions didn't turned up for the training (as they flew off to Vietnam already then). So third time lucky and I managed to catch a friendly between Young Lions and Gombak United. MORE PICTURES FROM THE MATCH The rustic-looking dressing room of the field. As there's no stand erected on the ground, these guys just flanked along the side to watch the action. Or you want the best view of the house, join this guy at the top of the roof. Or from the so-called "comfort-zone" (balcony of these quarters). The playing surface at the Geylang Field certainly look well-maintained or isn't because of a short downpour before that helped to moist the surface? The final score is Young Lions 0-1 Gombak United, with another defensive lapse that s