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Friendly: Balestier Khalsa 0-1 Geylang United

I was late for the game anyway when the game, officiated by Abdul Malik Bashir who was recently praised by the AFC President Mohamed Bin Hamman , was delayed for 20 minutes or so due to the downpour. It was a goal-less draw at the end of first half and when the second half resumed I decided to position myself at the back-of-the-net of Balestier's goal and saw the "soft" goal scored by Geylang's skipper Noor Ali. PICTURES FROM THE MATCH The last two pictures were "close-up" from the originals which are why they may appeared to be "blur". "BONUS" Video Added a short video-clip from the match.

How "small" I felt I am (edited)

Remember in my "The ODD DOZEN" annual review that I asked about if the relevant organization can meet the deadline as spelled out on the SSC website ? So far there's no respond from the relevant organization in-charge regarding the query I wrote to them via the papers (as illustrated above), until a Member-of-Parliament, Mdm Ho Geok Choo decided to raise the issue in the Parliament. From "" Therefore, there's an obligation to reply whatever was asked in the Parliament and as promised in the annual review that I'll keep all update pertaining this issue. From "" Alright, at the least the mystery is more or less solved, no thanks to the economic downturn.. Anyway, got a glimpse of the cover of "Berita Harian" (below), our local Malay daily that more or less confirmed the fact that it's " definitely not yet to be demolished" (based on the translation with the help from my Malay colleag

Not another 11th hour decision...

First it was Liaoning Guangyuan (logo as depicted above , from "Wiki"), now its replacement Dalian Shide Siwu's (logo as depicted below ) place in the S.League is in a limbo. Barely two years in a row, the league might , again, going to witness another change in the composition in the league which I felt is an unhealthy sign. The lack of continuity, in my opinion, doesn't speak well for the league who is still struggling to pull in the fans to the grounds from the couch. True to the fact that the two Chinese-based teams weren't been performing up to the expectation but to have Dalian being replaced in the eleventh hour still have people, especially the skeptics, asking,"How come so late?" Would it be fair to Dalian's management and players who are eager to prove themselves this coming season? It was mentioned in the papers that Brunei's DPMM (logo as depicted above , from "Wiki"), backed by the Brunei's crown prince, emerged as t

Obituary: Nazri Abdullah

Picture source: AFC website It's not very often for me to say good things about the football across the Causeway but this gentleman mentioned here is probably one of those rare few I truly respect - the late Nazri Abdullah. For those who lived through the Malaysia Cup days who never forget this referee. The sight of Mr Nazri leading the teams out of the tunnel will always be sight of relief as it was always perceived that most other referees would always went against us on whatever the decisions they made during the match (sorry for that but in those days it was always seems to be the case.) . It was indeed a honour to have Mr Nazri officiated one of the greatest moments in Singapore football, when he's the referee in the 1994 Malaysia Cup Final. But for now, it's all the memory we have for this man who deserved all the laurels... Thank You, Sir...

Friendly: SAFFC 3-0 Young Lions

Was at the Choa Chu Kang Stadium to watch the match between SAFFC and Young Lions. The Young Lions, being the core of this year's SEA Games squad, had shown that the lack of experience and skill maturity can make up by the sheer display of hard work and strong desire to do well, as suggested by coach Terry Pathmanathan. While for SAFFC, despite the absence of most of their Lions, they still managed to chalk up the 3-0 win, only got their act together in the second half after found it tough to crack the Young Lions' defence in the first. PICTURES FROM THE MATCH Frankly speaking, the backdrop of the private housing estate does make Choa Chu Kang is picturesque place to watch the game, although I was told the residents aren't too please whenever there's any training too near their place. Probably, these residents still perceived the game is less in-term of " social dignity " eh?