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It's that simple actually that saw Los Rojiblancos in town

Not in their usual stripes as Atletico were in black
The whole thing is actually that simple when Atletico Madrid, upon wining the King's Cup days ago , decided to fly half the earth to tropical Singapore for one purpose - to help raise fund for the Singapore Olympic Foundation (SOF) on the invitation by businessman Mr Peter Lim.

In such a match that rarely having Singapore football fans getting up close to see some of the finest in the game since the torn down of the old National Stadium, it is definitely having to see the best of what we have to pit against a quality opponents such as the Los Rojiblancos with a balanced mixed of players from the S.League and the Lions XII.

Former Lions skipper Indra Sahdan (red) in action
1st half skipper Shahril Ishak let down by poor touches up front

So in the end, it's just that simple when superstar Radamel Falcao, who is set to depart Madrid after the end of the La Liga season, and his mates descended days ago to fulfil their charitable obligation in the SOF-Peter Lim Charity Cup to raise funds to help those financial challenge students who are sportingly gifted.

Of course, the timing of their visit came at a time when Atletico are still in the midst of their domestic campaign that is entering crucial period, which some quarters questioned if the timing is suitable to have a game at this point, which both physical and mentally demanding for them?

Rosman Sulaiman (12) won the aerial duel against Falcao
Falcao (in black) being dispossessed by the sea of reds
For that I am sure Atletico had weighted their options before undertaking such a decision with promise to fly in their best squad for this exhibit match had shown their sincerity.

In which I felt the last 30 odd minutes of the game did allow the 7,048 fans being treated to some football feast (like those they saw on TV) when the guests decided to replace almost their entire outfield players much to the crowds' delight with the emerging of Falcao on the pitch.

Ahmad Latiff (right) back from international hiatus after a long break
Geylang International's Jozef Kaplan started the game well
Atletico coach Simeone felt it was a competitive match
On the hindsight, the local side barely let the home crowds down by holding the La Liga side for large part of the game for having conceded a goal in each half of the game with goals from Raul Garcia and Diego Costa.

When asked if any local boys could make the cut in European, Atletico coach Diego Simeone didn't really give an outright answer, although he added it's hard to access Hariss Harun's European prospect just based on one game he saw of him, despite being impressed by the supposedly Portugal-bound Lions XII midfield mainstay.

Following the match, the Spaniards will pack their bags and head home to Madrid to complete the remaining domestic fixtures.


  1. One sentence in whole paragraph is hard to read. You should just keep sentences short and simple to read. Embellishing sentences with extra facts make it harder to read and understand.

  2. Hi "Anonymous",

    Thanks for feedback and I shall take note of those pointers.


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