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Disjoint effort after all??

This morning saw this article online that revealed FAS president Mr Zainudin Nordin's thought of throwing the towel (screengrab below) amid the doldrums facing the local football.

courtesy of Mediacorp TODAY
So much so of listed down of what were achieved during this down time (even if some critics may not be convinced of those positive stuff), one paragraph of the report captured my attention and had me pondering.
He (Zainudin) revealed that an extensive survey done by an external party has shown that fans who watch V Sundramoorthy's side play in the Malaysian Super League (MSL) are largely not S-League fans to begin with - suggesting that the MSL does not draw fans away from the S-League.
Flashback to weeks earlier to this entry I posted (screengrab below)...

The earlier entry dated 25th May 2012
If like what Mr Zainudin mentioned (in bold italics font) is substantiate, is that any notable effort like what Courts Young Lions are doing (depicted below) to draw these "non S.League" fans to the S.League, which ironically at one time had to rope in to draw crowds to one MSL match instead somewhere in April with a ticketing gimmick?

Courts Young Lions' initiative to draw MSL faithfuls (credit: CYL's FB page)
But all these, we are told of what Mr Zainudin felt since taking over from A/P Ho Peng Kee.
"In these two years working on the S-League, I haven't been able to turn the tide as much as I'd like.

"We have progress in some areas but there are key result areas, including attendance, that are lacking and require a lot of work..."


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