Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"Matchpix" - July 2012

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  • Uniform Derby - Singapore Cup 04/07/12
It wasn't easy to snap the shots when the lights were dimmed, as compared to those during the AFC Cup.The uploading of the shots was late, as I was out of town shortly after the game.

The 2-1 win by the Warriors eventually laid the ground for their advancement to the semi-finals of the Cup after they drew 3-3 with the Protectors days later at home.

(P.S2: This album is the only one for the month of July due to various pre-arranged commitments that made it impossible to have a few more.)


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  1. we, well at least I totally understand it was very difficult to snap the shots when the lights were dimmed, but I really appreciate your hard work to give the best to your readers! thanks buddy!


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