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[Feature] H-TWO-O unveils legendary Fandi Ahmad as its new Brand Ambassador

(The entry is formulated from the transcript of the media release obtained via YEO'S, the makers of H-TWO-O)

(P.S: The copyrights of the images depicted in this blog entry belong to YEO'S, unless stated on the images itself.)

Local football legend Fandi Ahmad
Despite having further his career across the Causeway, the presence of local football legend Fandi Ahmad will still be felt around the island with the latest media campaign by Yeo's, the makers of the isotonic beverage H-TWO-O.

In this latest media campaign titled "Unleash Your Inner Power", the former Singapore national skipper will be joined by his younger peers such as Isa Halim, Khairul Amri, Lionel Lewis with national swimmer Christel Fung and triathlete Victoria Cambell.

"The campaign concept was to draw on the idea that when you have the passion and aspiration to do your best in sports, with proper hydration, you can unleash your inner power; physically and mentally" said Yeo's in the media release that announced this new media blitz.

Renowned for his lightning swift footwork and adept finishes in his playing days, he is an inspiration to many aspiring young football talents here, and beyond the shores of Singapore which the leading beverage makes hopes to leverage on Fandi's popularity in educate athletes on the importance of sports hydration.

Said Ms May Ngiam, VP Marketing of Yeo's:“Fandi is the epitome of sports excellence. He has the passion, drive, and determination to succeed which are in tandem with H-TWO-O’s brand values.

Fandi was the first Singaporean to play in Europe
"His dedication to promote youth sports development in Singapore is indeed truly inspiring, and as a coach, he believes in proper athletes’ fuelling and hence he was simply a natural choice.”

However, the partnership between H-TWO-O and Fandi gone beyond that as the current team manager of Johor FA is also the resident coach of the H-TWO-O Ultimate Dream Team program that is dedicated to nurture young football talents and groom them for the future development of Singapore football.

“I am very happy to be appointed by H-TWO-O as their spokesperson and naturally, sports and hydration goes hand in hand.

"Generally, most sports athletes may have the technical skills to play the sports, but they tend to forget about the importance of sports nutrition and hydration to improve their performance."

"Hence, getting involved in the school program would enable me to do more outreach to the youths and educate them on this aspect, and also inspire them to work towards building the future sports gems of the nation” said the country's favourite footballing son.

As part of the campaign, Fandi will also represent H-TWO-O in an inaugural series of school talks which serves to educate the young on the need for a healthy lifestyle, mental readiness, teamwork, and key success imperative.


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