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Pointless of Repeating .... [This is not an ANNUAL REVIEW]

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It has come to this part of the year when I would always pen my annual review to summarize my thoughts on what happened in the past twelve months in Singapore Football.

Having said that, I must admit that it's been quite a difficult year for the local football that has been struggling with myriad of procrastinating problems that remain lingering.

So much that I think it will be a daft idea to go on repeating those issues (i.e.: lack of crowds, lack of interest, etc.) then propose some "naive" solutions to these woes.

Instead, I decided to post up the links to the past "Annual Reviews" that were archived in this blog since the transition in 2005.

Annual Review 2005 -"FROM SITE TO BLOG"

Annual Review 2006 - "10 years old"

Annual Review 2007 - "DOUBLE ONE"

Annual Review 2007 - "The odd Dozen"

Annul Review - "13 deemed UNlucky"

Annual Review - "SCREWED UP!!!"

I know some of you might say these reviews can be easily access from the LABEL titled "Annual Review" on the side menu, but the whole point of doing this is to ask the readers to go through these entries to determine if things are still remain the same and see if anything has actually improved (a bit at least).

It's by not mean of being lazy, but as mentioned earlier that's not point of repeating the routine again and again.

And if I really have to think of something I really want to say about the scene this year, I think the picture at the TOP of page should be able to bring the message across.

Since the "Brush and Broom" comment appeared in late July, the league authority seems to have picked up some "manuals" along the way" and enticed the folks out there what to expect (although, the wait may have been just too long).

However, just in case there's a need to refresh what problems are facing the scene this entry is always here to serve as a reference if there's a need.

Lastly, not to forget to mention a group of fans along the way decided to "take things into their hands" by involving themselves in the local football fraternity via the social media platforms which has helped to gap the gap in certain ways between various stakeholders in the circle (you know who you are, just give yourself a pat at back).

While at the meantime, let me just stay focus and sort things out...


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