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Just a Random Thought... (Is this BoLASEPaKO meant to you?)

Just a random thought here as this only came to my mind while I was working just now.

As you guys may have noticed of late there's not update on this blog.

One reason is that now it's "off-season" and I thought it's a time to recharge, while also reflect and re-evaluate the direction this blog is heading to.

That's the purpose of "BlastFromThePast" to engage conversation with readers
On the blog Facebook page, I have been posting "BlastFromThePast" entries (as pictured above) to share with you all some of those past entries since 2005 (which I really hope you would appreciate those past efforts).

In a way, I do hope you, the readers, can decide for yourself if it has been a worthwhile experience to drop in a peek at this blog and also to see if there's any change in the local footballing landscape since you first watch Singapore football.

If I'm too bother about getting a higher hit-rate than provide value to the readers, then it's pointless

And not so much a surprise to see a dip in the hit-rate during this period (as pictured above), although I am encouraged by the fact that the viewership does maintain its consistency within my expectation that makes me conclude a thought.

Beside serving as a platform to share my thoughts, insight on the local game, while occasionally break some news on the blogsphere, it also how this blog can serve as an archive center for curious readers to find out more about Singapore football.

Which I certainly hope it does (based on statistic generated that shows some actually googled their way here).

Until then... Signing off :)