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Friday, September 30, 2011

Purpose defeated after July's MOU?

The mood is just so different this time as the Singapore contingent embarked for their annual trip to Shah Alam for the annual Sultan of Selangor Cup tournament.

The coaches carried the Singapore contingent to Shah Alam
This year's edition coincides with the reigning Sultan's 10th anniversary on the throne, which the organizers had promised to make a grand event that two former EPL stars Jason McAteer and Jesper Bloomqvist are being roped in for the Selangor Selection in the marquee match against the Singapore national team, who will be using this match for tuning up to their remaining World Cup qualifier matches.

More significantly, the meeting also marks the first meeting of both sides since the signing of the joint MOU between FAS and FAM.

At the R & R stop at Machap
After all, both Singapore and Selangor are two of the most celebrated sides in Malayan football history.

The joint declaration penned in July would be seen by many as the prelude to the revival of this unique footballing rivalry after Singapore decided to field a team in Malaysian domestic league as agreed under the terms of the joint MOU.

Wet weather greeted us as we turned into Shah Alam
Just as our coaches turned their way to into Shah Alam, one question came to my mind - would this tournament initiated by the ruler lose its gloss next year after the July's MOU?

Probably, only time will tell if the tournament that is use to foster better ties between both sides still have its purpose fulfill then.

Hello, Shah Alam.. I am back :)

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  1. Jason McAteer is coming!!! One of my all time favourite Liverpool players. Too bad I can't make the arrangement to be there...


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