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"In an interview with Yahoo! Singapore, Zainudin (Nordin, FAS President) reiterated that the S-league will not become a "poorer cousin" once the LionsXII start their Malaysia Cup campaign."

Sunday, September 11, 2011

"Radio Rosak" post

Saw this tweet message (pictured above) awhile ago and would like to reiterate an earlier blog post that emphasized that months ago.

Honestly speaking, how many people (except for those in the scene) are aware about the excitement?

I think this is something my fellow blogger, Antony Sutton of "Jakarta Casual" has been pondering over several times on his blog why most Singaporeans football fans are inclined to English and European football and despise what they have at their own backyard.

People have been blaming the quality, which of course I don't deny the fact that it may not be anywhere we seen on cable.

Jovial scene after another Hougang United's victory at home
Yet there were some really good games I have seen this season particularly from Albirex Niigata (Singapore) and Hougang United (for those who follow the scene should understand where I came from).

Unfortunately, the sad fact is that when such good games were played, there were little much coverage of what well these games were, let alone any follow up and in-depth analysis afterwards.

I used to be naive to think through the means of alternative media on how the gospel of local football can improve its awareness among the masses (to extend some of which did and make people to sit up and stare at their monitors or mobile screens on some of those stuff unearthed from obscurity).

Yet the massive excitement whipped up by the mainstreamers over the recent joint FAS-FAM MOU had, again, made me realized it's still a long way to go for these 'alternate' to be on par on those 'establishment'.

Glad to see many opinions on Singapore football heard via social media

If you ask me how to remedy the situation, I just cannot provide any answer at this moment nor can I just simply impose my thoughts on those unwilling parties still refused to accept how decent the S.League it is.

It just simply frustrating that the League itself being constantly associated with those negativity and having to see those good stuff overshadowed by those juicier headline.

Unless the mindset of the sceptics can be tweaked into the same frequency like those optimist, it's not likely to see this generation to accept the fact.

(P.S: Sorry if you guys found the content rather repetitive and that's the reason I called 'Radio Rosak' posting...)

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