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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

[Media Information] More Funding for S.League Clubs for 2011 season

(Media Information from the Football Association of Singapore)

Singapore, 1 February 2011: The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) today confirmed that the 12 S.League clubs participating in the 2011 Great Eastern-YEO’s S.League will be receiving additional funding support for the new season which begins on 12 February.

The Club Chairmen were informed of the additional funding support by FAS President and Mayor for Central Singapore District Zainudin Nordin at a briefing session for Club Chairmen which was held on 31 January at the Jalan Besar Stadium.

At the session, Mayor Zainudin informed the Clubs that the increase in funding support for the 2011 Great Eastern – YEO’S S.League season was meant to assist clubs in strengthening their financial position, improve the Clubs’ management capabilities and capacities, to attract better quality players to inject more competitiveness and intensity to the S.League for football fans as well as to expand the Clubs’ community engagement and outreach programmes to better connect with Singapore fans.

Said FAS President Mr Zainudin Nordin: “We are delighted that we have been able to secure additional funding support for our Clubs. In principal, Clubs will see an increase of 30%-40% in funding support, which includes an increase in the resources for operational purposes, as well as performance based subsidies provided to our Clubs.”

“Our principal objectives in providing the additional funding support are to strengthen and improve the Clubs’ management capabilities and capacities, raise the standard of the S.League including attracting better quality players that will translate into a more vibrant and competitive S.League for our fans and to enhance our community engagement and outreach programmes to connect and bond at the grassroots level that will benefit the community and Clubs.”

“We are all looking forward to the new 2011 Great Eastern – YEO’S S.League season and we would like to rally on the support of all Singaporeans and residents to come onboard and to support local football and your local Clubs in person at the various S.League venues throughout Singapore,” added Mr Zainudin.

Vice-Chairman of Balestier Khalsa FC said the move by the FAS to provide more funding to clubs was a timely one as it would allow clubs the opportunity to strengthen their capabilities.

Said S. Thavaneson, vice-chairman of Balestier Khalsa FC: “I am certain that the clubs are thankful for the additional funds provided for the 2011 season and I am sure that the money will go a long way in helping the clubs strengthen our capabilities. More money will only mean better quality players and more programmes for the youth footballers and the community. “

The S.League Charity Shield will take place on Wednesday, 9th February when current S.League champions Etoile FC takes on RHB Singapore Cup runners-up, Tampines Rovers at the Jalan Besar Stadium at 7.30pm.

The first 2011 S.League match will be held on Saturday, 12th February 2011 between the Courts Young Lions and SAF FC at the Jalan Besar Stadium at 5pm.


1 February 2011

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  1. Just having an uneasy feeling over this..

    Although, the monies are hard to come by nowadays, I would like to say "seed money" like this shall never be taken for granted.

    As I had "BOLD" those words in this media release I reposted, I certainly hope to the strengthening of the community outreach and engagement with the residents out there to form a solid fan base to back the teams.

    Please do so, thanks


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