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[Instant Reaction] SEA Games Group B : Singapore 2-2 Indonesia

Catch the game in my living room, no taker of the "SKYPE-IN" for this last-minute gimmick.

The Indonesian paid the price for showing little respect to the Singaporeans'"dead-ball" supremacy as their slacking defending allowed the Cubs to make full use of those sloppiness and stabbed in two goals in less than half an hour since the kick-off.

A great header from Safuan Baharudin propelled the Cubs to a morale-boasting lead as early as 7min.

24th minute saw the Cubs extended their lead from "golden left-footer" Shaiful Esah, who created the first goal, after the Indonesian 'keeper misjudged the ball that floated in from the right.

The Cubs started off well in the first half against a stoned Indonesians, who bounced back in the second to turn the table.

But skipper Isa Halim was guilty for his part for failing to stop the ball from the left flank, before the ball was played into the six-yard box to allow the young Garudas to pull one back before the end of the first period.

The Indonesians gave themselves a good account in the second half, as they shown some bites in their attacking play, but they were equally matched by the stout Cubs defending at back, only to see Singapore conceded the Indonesian equalizer in the 65th minute from a "dead-ball" situation.

The Cubs were caught in "sixes-sevens" in the second half.

Suddenly, the table had turned against the Cubs whose early confidence apparently diminished at the later stage of the game that saw Engel Berth Sani almost nicked in the winner in the 82nd minute amid a weary Cubs backline.

2-2 the final score gutted in a sense we did well in the first half, but screwed in the second (although Isa Halim came so close with his thunderbolt from outside in the stoppage time).

What a pity.

(P.S: Everyone seems to forget that the official nickname of this team is the CUBS)


  1. Yeah, disappointing result. Commentator was raving about the Loins at 2-0 but was on show wasn't that impressive. Passing was so-so. Strikers don't look that threatening as most of the action was seen in midfield. Gave up watching after the Indo pull one back. Group now wide open with Laos & Myanmar also drawing.

  2. Was dreaming of a goal feast, but the Lions play does not quite justify this hope, to be honest. Remember we beat the Garudas 2-0 in an ill-tempered friendly earlier. So this result is a let-down. When can these lads string a few decent passes together to create some real chances for the strikers??

  3. 2-2 is quite a fair result becos the Lions lost the initiative to the Indo's after their 1st goal. 2-3 would have been disastrous to the young Lions' psyche. Either traditional minnows Laos has improved or Myanmar has stagnated - their game ended drawn. All to play for with all 4 getting a point each today.

    Looks like the better teams are Thailand, Msia and Vietnam.

  4. By the way I still hate long ball and they are playing it on the second half....

  5. Actually Young Lions are still Young Lions, imho. The term Cubs are now reserved for the U16s and U18s.

  6. Hi "Anonymous" (posted at 5 December 2009 21:15:00 o'clock SGT),

    My take on the name issue is that "Young Lions" is a team playing in the S.League.

    Thus being THE "junior" squad to the senior "Lions", it should, therefore, called the "Cubs".

    With Regards

  7. I'm okay with the result, but very disappointed with performance of some "senior" players. The midfield completely lost the battle in the second half. The only person battling was Hariss; the rest didn't even bother. Shaiful Esah kept giving the ball away and decided not to help out Irwan Shah on left defense. Firdaus Idros came on and did nothing. Shahdan Sulaiman lack the aggressiveness, defensive awareness and discipline to play alongside Hariss. Unless he improves on those aspect he will never play under Raddy. With that being said, lets not forget that this is a young 'young lions' squad and most of them will still be eligible for the next two sea games. Get rid of Terry P and everything will be upwards from here for this batch. Just don't be surprised if S'pore finishes bottom of the group this time.

  8. Hi "monster",

    Let's not press the panic button too fast.

    As we can see for ourselves that most of the Cubs are not used to play competitively in daytime, whereas it's common for those Indonesians.

    Yes, we are all disappointed with the outcome, but it's not the end of the day as looking on the bright side that I was told Laos and Myanmar also drew (1-1).

    So we are all equal...

  9. Pohui, i'm not even near the panic button. Didn't i say i am okay with the result and that people shouldn't expect much cause this is still a young squad?

    Anyway, though we are all equal on points, i gotta feeling that Myanmar & Laos might surprise everyone with their performance. That's why i said S'pore may finish bottom. Let's hope i am proven wrong come Monday.

  10. Cool! I didn't get to watch it this time, but 2-2 and 1-1 means we're marginally better off. I'm not assuming our team is better than the rest, but I think we can just make it through to the next round...

    Safuwan is good. With more experience he will look more impressive! And he will be able to play for quite a few editions of the SEA Games yet.

    Mental and physical toughness - I think that's the missing piece in our football puzzle.

  11. I am taking Indonesia, Draw btw Laos & Sg today!

    Special One...


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