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Friday, December 11, 2009

[Instant Reaction] SEA GAMES Group B: Laos 0-0 Singapore

A lot of you guys out there must be absolutely gutted and @$%&* when it was announced that Mediacorp decided to DELAY instead of LIVE telecast the Laos-Singapore match.

But, hey, no point of crying over a cup of spilled milk, check out this site ( tomorrow (or today, if you read this post on 10th Dec 2009) to see if there's any livestreaming of the match.

On the other hand, questions had been raised on whether we are being too dependent on "set-pieces" when scoring goals, as some fans voiced their concern over the lack of creativity in the attacking play.

At least one reader "happy" have this to say in his comment posted on the recent entry of the Cubs-Myanmar game.

4) Using set-piece is the way to score in international football & the U23 shld be credited for being able to do that as we need to understand interntional football has a few chances and most of it is from set play

So it is a step forward for S'pore as it show we are developing play from set-piece where a generation ago, we seldom did that and was exposed by other who did"
Hmmm... I can't say I agree or disagree, but at the end of the day - it's victory that matters... Good Luck, Cubs

0-0 was the final score of the match that will be delay-telecasted later.

But thanks to the modern technology, many fans must have log onto some alternate source to catch the match LIVE instead.

Anyway, judging from those angry messages and SMSes I received, I think a lot of you out there must be pissed at the "negative football" being dished out from both sides.

But at the end of the day, we should be asking what if some players sustained some unnecessary injuries that might be damaging to our semi-final match, was it worth the effort??

ANOTHER NEW RECORD SET (1,251 on 10th December 2009)
Nonetheless, the game had attracted much interest and also set the new record for the daily viewership, thank you for your support...


  1. Wow... 3/4 through the match... both teams not playing at all. Singapore already qualified before the ball is kicked, Laos cannot lose to qualify. Laos playing very defensive, Singapore don't want to attack. Very poor match.

    Terry "Liar" Pathmanathan will have some serious explaining to do. In the papers he claimed they will play to win. But turns out otherwise- do they want to face the top placed team in Group A? What if it turns out to be hot favorites Thailand?

  2. Full time... TERRY PATHMANATHAN HAS BROUGHT SHAME TO SINGAPORE FOOTBALL!!! Worst match of the year in World football contender for 2009.

    Seriously all this in front of the Laos VVIP (no clue who he is though) and the full crowd of over 20,000. I think real football fans would have booed both teams out of the pitch by halftime and pelted them with urine filled bottles.

    And i felt for the commentator who had to try to make the game sound interesting but sounded ridiculous in the process.

    Don't bother watching the delayed telecast. You'll probably get high blood pressure.

  3. i've not been watching football for a long time bec it hurts whenever your team lose. So I'm so relieved to hear that the young lions drew with Laos. Just imagine if they had really tried, and luck was not with them, and they were to lose, I would be very sad eventhough outwardly I would say it's OK, they had tried their best. But of course I expect them to play their game well in the semis. Good luck boys!

  4. The semi-final is next mon & S'pore U23 will play the 4pm game & this game shld be impt enough for MediaCorp to broadcast

  5. singapore to meet viet or thai

  6. I am a local football fan as well but i back mediacorp this time round for showing the swimming finals.

    this is the sea games. a lot of medals are at stake at the pool tonight and our swimmers delivered.

    boasting as the official broadcaster, i feel what they can do is open up okto or any one of their channels for simultaneous telecast.

    i was totally irritated at them for delaying the thailand vs singapore though. cause i dont give a fish about singapore idol.

  7. "So it is a step forward for S'pore as it show we are developing play from set-piece where a generation ago, we seldom did that and was exposed by other who did"

    I think its hundreds step backward.

    By playing negatively, is there even any progress after setting up the Sports School and NFA? Is this the football they're training the kids to play? So what if we have qualified. At least show some professionalism in the play and tactics. This is as bad as the Indonesia-Thai match in the Tiger Cup few years back.

  8. we did a good job . it's not going to be easy in the SEMI's and come on Boys let's do it together i know you guys can do it ! (:

  9. We beat Laos 11-0 in the Tiger Cup. So why are they showing so much respect to them by playing safe - albeit this is a U-23 game? The performance was toothless.

    Both Laos & Myanmar beat Indonesia by convincing scores. I wonder how come Singapore struggle so against the Indons - in fact, they were hanging by their teeth towards the end. It's all in the mind. These boys got to be more confident of themselves. They really need to work on their mental toughness.

    I think vietnam/thailand must be feeling very confident now.

  10. Too many square passes - and in defence, too. Back to the goalie! These boys got to be more incisive and launch attacks - not play cat-and-mouse with the traditional minnows of SE Asian soccer!

    Terry & Sundram - what is this??

    OK - go get the gold medal with your negative football. But what next?

  11. Where is the progress in Singapore soccer??

    This performance is really terrible - no adventure, no penetration - against Laos!! Have Singapore soccer deteriorated or have Laos caught up? Both I think!

    I hope we don't get slaughtered in the semis. Boys - you can do better than this! Believe in yourself and go for jugular!

  12. Result is the thing that matters the most... u can play the beautiful game n not win anything for years.... Who is gonna remember that ? so com'on ppl ...Terry n sundram .did a smart move by playing it save n make sure no one gets injured.. Great job Boys... Good luck for the semis // Now there is element of surprise .. u nv noe what u gonna expect from singapore.. but one thing for sure .. they will hit the semi's opponent so hard ..

  13. Hi Guys...

    I deleted my earlier comment, which posted last night, due to some typo error result from some fasting typing and here's my rephrase.

    Hi "monster",
    I felt you added that word in between coach Terry's name in your '10 December 2009 20:15:00 GMT+08:00' posting is absolutely uncalled for, which I regret to see you mentioned that and I hope it was a spur of anger from you.

    As "monster" you mentioned "Singapore already qualified before the ball is kicked", so put yourself in Terry's position what is the priority now?

    Would you ask the boys to go all out for a convincing performance and risk getting a few injuries OR save the best till the last?

    Furthermore, we had already achieved the target of making to the semis and from that onwards, it'll be the real test.

  14. haha. what a joke? there are countless mgrs who are liars then. how many times have mgrs said some players are injured but in the end they ended up playing?

    we all knew beforehand that the match potentially could become a drab affair. so u think Terry should take all the blame?

    think italy-mexico in WC2002. similar situation. last match of grp stage. there are many similar situations. juz tat perhaps tis one ended goaless added to the frustration.

    seriously meeting vietnam or thailand would not have made much a difference. u want a medal? then u've got to beat anyone.

    but to see the lighter side of things, probably monster bought Sgp 1x2 at sgpools.

  15. Well Pohui, I apologise for that. But he did "went back on his word" though.

    If I were Terry, I would give the reserves a run out (which he did) and tell them, "Show me what you can do and why you deserve a place in the semi-finals"(which he didn't). I would want to win so to meet the second-placed team in group A, which would mean an easier path to the final.

  16. Hi "monster",

    As for your thoughts u mentioned on '11 December 2009 09:31:00 GMT+08:00'.

    I would rather stick the safety approach, since given this stage now it's not the time to take any risk, as Coach Terry need to maintain his full strength to fight the battle ahead.

    As for now, it's back to training and stay focused


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