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[Not-so-Instant-Reaction] SEA GAMES Bronze medal match - Laos 1-3 Singapore

The 25th SEA Games logo (via Wikipedia)

Just as people thought the youngest ever Cubs were moving on the right track by emerged from their group stages in the recently SEA Games campaign, they were dealt with a lesson they would never forget - the harsh reality of the pace and the depth in technicality of today's football.

Indeed, it will be remembered as face-saving outing for this squad of average 19.5 year-old as they met the target of being one of the semi-finalists in the biennial sporting fiesta, but let's hope whatever they learned would help them to be a better player in the near future.

For the pride and for oneself - GO for the BRONZE.

(P.S: Again due to the unfavourable timeslot, I would be greatly appreciate if any kind folks out there would update me the scores in any means, thanks)

Well done to the Cubs for retaining the spot as the football's bronze medalist of the SEA Games.

3-1 was the final score and glad for the fact that as one of my friends remarked that the Cubs actually for the first time in the competition scored in the second half of their game! Although, they just cannot break the habit of letting in goal in the later part of the game.

My only word of advice to these up and coming players is "革命尚未成功,同志仍需努力" (There's still a long way to go before one see the fruit of the labour - my interpretation of this famous phrase of Dr Sun Yat-sen).

(P.S: Many Thanks to those who updated me the scores just now, appreciate that :D)


  1. The Korean referee for this match should be reported to FIFA and banned!! There were so many things he did that was surely favouring the Laos side... free kick given more than 10 yards away.. tackles by Laos players not called on.. etc.. too many sia..

  2. Congrats to the cubs for winning the bronze medal. Lets hope for a better showing in the next sea games.

    Congrats to Harimau Muda for winning the gold medal. Lets hope its all downhill for you guys from here on.

  3. Hi "Anonymous" (posted on Thursday, 17 December 2009 19:31:00 GMT+08:00),

    You mean the referee was the same guy who officiated the Cubs-Vietnam game?

    Hmm, kinda weird arrangement...

  4. Pohui,

    I don't know if it's the same referee but the commentator said and I agree with him that if FIFA watch this match , they will sack the referee!! I've watched quite a number of football matches on TV and there were so many very obvious fouls on sg players like obstruction, tackles, physical kicking he didn't stop.. the most obvious is the free kick he gave more than 10 yards away from the foul spot!!


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