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Take the farce out of the Cup!!

It's not the first time that the league authority invited foreign teams to take part in the Singapore Cup.

However, I am wondering if some of these team are here just to make up the number?

So far, the Thai side PEA had impressed me despite losing to Woodlands on the polling day, while its fellow side - Chonburi FC had an easy task by wiping out the faded Home United weeks later.

But the farce of it, is to call in the Cambodian side Phnom Penh FC.

  • What's the point of having invited a team that trained on hardcourt surface priror coming here?
  • What's the point of having invited a team that having sizable number of Cambodian internationals who can't play the game for full 90 minute but only half of it?
C'mon guys, time to restore the prestige of the Cup by stop inviting those "mickey mouse" teams OR better drop the WHOLE idea of having them to make up the numbers after all it's SINGAPORE Cup!!


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