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Just shut up if you know nuts!!!

That's something that I would not want to hear after dragging myself from the National stadium to take one of those late night trains back home from Kallang MRT station.

Noticed my Lion's die-hard t-shirt (pictured left, at the top tier of the grandstand), the stranger at the platform asked "You went see the game ah? Who win?"

"We (Singapore) won but (only) after (the) penalty shootout (against Malaysia)" I replied

"You know why we played badly?" this stranger said

"Because the players we have are formed last minute.

"Where are the players who won the Tiger Cup? Like Subramani? The Chinese guy (Goh Tat Chuan)?

You know why England can't perform? Because they are formed last minute!"

Thank goodness, before the "pundit" could prove his theory, our train arrived.

Rather than listen to his nonsense, I just stood near the train door and listen to my music.

I have nothing against fans who want to make their views heard, acknowledged but the bottom line is "KNOW WHAT YA SAYING, BRO!!"

What is this when this stranger mean "they are formed last minute!"?

Does this stranger know what he's talking??

If by his definition, the national team should be a group of player grouped together like a club team?

I hate to use that term, but I just find it "STUPID!!"

By having this "grouped national" players is simply denying other players from playing his national team and at the meantime, tendency of having any of the "already national player" being complacent.

In fact, this is not the first time, l came across such a silly comment from an ignorant fan, having heard the same comment years back.

We all should know that there's not such thing called a "permanent" national team, if the coach felt that a player is not good enough then out he go (and get another replacement).. simple as that.

What a silly explaination of this "last minute" theory, unlike club team, national team are only assembled together in a space of weeks or days for a certain purpose (i.e: friendlies or international tournaments)

I guess this guy must be another joker living in the past (the Malaysia Cup days).

So please man, know what you are saying before you trying to act smart.

Anyway, l did told this stranger Subramani was not fully-fit FULL STOP.

(photo credit: many thanks to Mr Wong Keng Meng for the shot taken)