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Is it a worth for all this while?

Came to know that "McDonald's" decided to show the World Cup matches at some of their restaurants (those selected 24-hours outlets).

Great for fans like me who refused to pay the leech provider for that unjustified extra cost.

Now at least for a month or so, we could hang out at "Mac”, munching the burgers, sips our coke while catching the games.

Of course, crowds will definitely swell in numbers though I have been pondering if this is worthwhile.

On surface, it may appeared "Mac" is doing a brisk business with the folks but think about it - how much when some just walk in either they order a cup of coke and jolly well occupy a seat for a double header or even NOTHING at all?

With some outlets like the one near Braddell MRT station (commonly known as " Braddell Mac" pictured on top), the display screen is visible from outside thanks to the transparent glass panels, so don't be surprise if things really get out of hands when fans trying to fight with each other for a better viewing position.

Then coupled with social problems that might follows such as noise pollution (due to the big crowds) could made "Mac" is this all worthwhile?

Still the first and foremost, we must say thank you to "Mac" for offer the fans such a privilege for those who can't afford cable TV.


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