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Another milestone again: the first video on BoLASEPaKO

So there you go - the first video posted on this blog.

Making use of the ready-made-available servers like "YouTube" has been kind to bloggers like us.

This video was recorded while I was at Woodlands stadium weeks ago.

I'm not not sure how you guys feel but personally speaking I noted that despite the dedication and hard work by these cheergroups, I still feel that there's a lot of catching up to be done.

Ever noticed that the cheers, the songs and the dance routine are almost similar to one another?

Thanks goodness, the introduction of the Sporting Afrique fans (in the clip below, recorded after their heroes won thier match against Woodlands) who somehow revolutionise the cheering (to certain extend at least).

Maybe, it would be advisable to take a leaf from the Japanese fans during the early years of the J-league, when their fans researched intensively to find their own identity.

But sometimes, how l wish these girls and boys can tone down a bit as i do found it a bit irritate, while trying to concentrate the game..


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