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Boys.. U are just plain lucky but what's the point?

This match was deemed redundant (99%) even before the start of it.

Since the Indonesians have the advantage now, having defeated the group leaders Vietnam in the earlier match.

Except for Geylang's Fazrul Nawaz's shot that gave the lead, it was another poor scrappy game for the boys.

Blunt as an unsharpened pencil up front, the U-23 yet again shown the incompetence in front of the goal.

While, the defence had the Lady Luck to thank for.

The "open play" by the Laotians looked threatening as they pricked open the porous defence of the Singapore side.

Match commentator Mark Richmond commented that he "felt sorry" for custodian Lionel Lewis, as in front of him is the "shaky" defence led by skipper Baihakki Khaizan and Precious Emuejeraye, both he felt "failed to spread the confidence around".

But the end of the day, the boys' fate lays in the hands of the Laotians, hoping they could repeat the same (but sharper) display against the Indonesians, who only need a point to go through.

As for the U-23, they not only have to beat Myanmar but pray for a positive result from the Laotians.

(Picture taken off TV)


  1. Indonesia need a win

    Not just a draw

    Laos can also reach semi-final with a win


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