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[Feature] Bridging the GAP - FOOTBALLOPOD's way

The entrance page of the portal (reproduced with the permission from the owners) For thousands of social footballers out there, what are the major concerns when you want to arrange a simple kick-about? Like your side are eager to seek newer challenge, after facing same opponents week in week out. Like looking for a last minute replacement team, if your scheduled opponents fail to make it on time on a short notice. Suddenly, the playing field which you team booked is deemed unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances that left both your opponents and your team stranded. Your team decided to come up with a systematic way to archive details, informations of its players, profile, past result, etc. However, the daunting tasks to generate the background database and those IT technicalities seems to scare those less inclined away. And so, which is why thousands of weekend warriors out there learned to appreciate the assistance offered by local online football portal – FOOTBALLOPOD.COM , that

Radical Thoughts on fully utilize the League Cup

The League Cup trophy on parade before the kick-off Nothing on the final itself, as I actually blogged this entry before I headed down to the ground. Universally, it is always agreed that the "League Cup" in whatsoever format or name around the footballing world has always been the "poor cousin" of the more prestigious League Championship and the "main" Cup competition. Not belittle or demeaning the stature of this Cup tournament, it's not uncommon for people to ridicule this competition as a "minnows' Cup". Etoile star Flavien Michelini is extremely dangerous with his passing and moving with the ball. After all, this is a tournament that witnessed some "giants-killing" acts by some of the minnows over the under-par big teams. Don't get me wrong, as there were some really commendable performances that fuelled some interesting discussions after those matches (someone mentioned to me if the Lions could play li

[Instant Reaction] Yet so close again..... Jordan 2-1 Singapore in Amman

(Off from TV) Jordanians in jubilation after beating us to head to the proper FIRST HALF SHORT SCRIBE Unfortunate to have conceded an early goal to the Jordanians, but except for some usual scary moments, the boys hold themselves well against their hosts in front of a hostile crowds. The already depleted Lions suffered another early blow when skipper Noh Rahman was replaced by Rosman Sulaiman due to an injury. SECOND HALF SHORT SCRIBE We started well in the second half while replacement skipper Noh Alam Shah levelled the scores almost immediately after the game resumed, but the joy was short-lived when the hosts took back the lead and evetually the winner in the 58th minute via a header off a corner. AFTERTHOUGHTS Fair to say we were on the disadvantage prior to the lead up to this showdown, with several key players ruled out due to various reasons? Not forget to mention to the alleged less-than-ideal hospitality by the hosts that might have hinder the preparation of the boys. I'm

Lazy Afternoon at East Coast Park catching some games of Futsal

Was at the " Sports Planet " this afternoon for a futsal event organized by " U Sports ", an affiliate of the NTUC. Never thought of putting up this post, until I decided that the sunset moment of the day does look good for some picture-snapping on my new iPhone, so why not... (Pictured above) Good about the futsal courts at "Sports Planet" are "stray-ball" proof, thanks to the nets that concealed the playing surface. I think the playing surface of the pitch is something similar to that of the Jalan Besar Stadium (that black sand-like particle based). Some of the players cheering their team-mates on from outside of the field, pretty glaring as it was close to evening when this shot was taken. In the end, I was told the union which represented me claimed the title of one particular catergory... Well Done.


(The content of this entry is obtained via the transcript provided by Integrated Marketing Solutions Group [IMSG] - the PR agency for Nike Singapore ) (P.S: The copyrights of the images depicted in this blog entry belong to Nike.) Jerseys worn in South Africa and available at retail made from 100 percent recycled polyester, diverting 13 million plastic bottles from landfills Alexandre Pato of Brazil SINGAPORE (February 26, 2010) – Many of the world's leading players, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Robinho and Ji-Sung Park will take to the pitch in South Africa this summer wearing the most environmentally-friendly and technologically-advanced kit in football's history. For the first time, all of Nike’s national teams, including Brazil, Portugal and The Netherlands, will be wearing jerseys made entirely from recycled polyester, each one produced from up to eight recycled plastic bottles. Nike unveiled the new national team kits with several footballers at a global media event at