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New Initiative to give a Head Start to a viable coaching career path

(This entry is formulated based on the media release issued by the Football Association of Singapore, images depicted in this blog entry are issued alongside with the same media release.)

Group Photo for the Launch (credit: FAS)
In a move to give footballers a head start to a viable coaching career path, a collaboration between the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) and the Republic Polytechnic (RP) had launched recently to provide opportunity for players who are keen to make that progression.

Under the new program, the pilot batch of the 22 selected students from the RP’s Diploma in Sports Coaching course will be awarded the AFC (Asia Football Confederation) ‘C’ Coaching Certification, accredited by the game's continental governing body, upon successful completion of their course.

On top of that, these students will also be awarded the National Coaching Accreditation Programme (NCAP) Level One Certificate, a coaching certification accredited by the Singapore Sports Council (SSC), as revealed in a media release issued by FAS on this new initiative.

Some of the students from the pilot batch (FAS)
“We are privileged to be the first institute of higher learning to partner FAS in offering this customised programme. This collaboration will value add to our sports coaching diploma’s curriculum, and allow our students to deepen both their theoretical knowledge and practical coaching skills as they strive to become the next generation of football coaches.” said Mr Seto Lok Yin, Deputy Principal (Industry Services), Republic Polytechnic on the objective of this new collaboration in the said release.

Sharing his thoughts on this new course, Lions XII midfielder Ignatius Ang believe that he will benefit from the course.

Said the second-year student of RP:“Possessing an AFC “C” Licence will certainly help me both on and off the pitch. It will set the technical foundations for me as a player to see through the eyes of a coach. It will also give me an option to pursue coaching as a career in future. I’m delighted to be in the pioneer batch of RP students to be given this opportunity.”

Concurring the same sentiments is Nabilah Abdul Latiff of the Women’s National Team, she said:“Although I am still playing competitive football, getting my coaching certifications early helps me prepare for a post-playing career in coaching. It is also good because while doing so, I also get the NCAP certification, which is recognised at the national level. In addition to the coaching certifications, we also get our academic diplomas so it is a triple bonus for us students.”

Mr Lim Kia Tong addresses the audience (FAS)
Gracing the occasion over the last weekend that announced the launch of the program at the Polytechnic's premises, FAS's vice-president, Mr Lim Kia Tong said:"The launch of and the injection of the AFC ‘C’ Coaching Certificate Course as a module of the Republic Polytechnic’s Diploma in Sports Coaching Course is a brilliant idea emanating from Republic Polytechnic. The implementation of the AFC ‘C’ Coaching Certificate Course for students of Republic Polytechnic is very important milestone and chapter in the history of the Republic Polytechnic and the Football Association of Singapore (“FAS”). For the first time in the long history of the AFC ‘C’ Coaching Certificate Course, we see the youngest cohort of participants of the ages between 18 and 22 years.

“It is very beneficial to see people being trained to be coaches from a young age as the AFC ‘C’ Coaching Certificate is the first step towards the AFC Pro Diploma coaching licence, which is the qualification required to coach at the elite level. It would be very interesting if all the students in this cohort obtain the AFC ‘C’ Coaching Certificate at these ages. They will have many years to polish up their coaching skills as they journey towards getting the AFC Pro Diploma Coaching Licence." he added.


  1. Paper chase, paper chase and more paper chase. As if having the papers will make you better coach. Uniquely Sinkie thinking.

    We have a bunch of most qualified coaches on paper, but have no market value as nobody want to hire them.


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