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[Instant Reaction] When Cubs can't score, it's harder for a SEA Games glory...

Screengrab of Live streaming off Youtube
If anything is a gauge from the last two matches played by the Singapore Under-23 against the Philippines last Sunday (6-0 win) and their SEA Games opener against Laos that ended 1-1 moments ago, I think it wouldn't be too surprising to those who tracking the Cubs preparation in recent weeks.

Clearly, the writings are on the wall that Aide Iskandar's boys can't do one of the basic things in football - TO SCORE.

If there's anything positive to gather from the match in Naypyidaw, it would be the passing, possession play that led more patient and systematic buildup of attacking moves without giving away the ball too easily with closing down of Laotians advancement swiftly in the match.

Things were made easy right from the start when the Cubs were on a numerical advantage after the Laotian skipper was sent off for a violent play on Shafiq Ghani but that did not translate the much-needed boast for them.

Instead, it became a familiar sight to see chances after one and other wasted in the box or when it mattered most - to place the ball to the back of the net even after Sahil Suhaimi gave them the lead early in the 27th minute by finished off coolly off the flick into the box by Shafiq from the left.

While Laos paid off their efforts late into the game with a clinical finishing at close range from the free-kick swung into the Cubs' six-yard box to equalize the match, they did show some glimpses of the same pace and intensity they faced the Lions back in the last December (with majority of the same squad played in that Suzuki Cup tournament).

Like what match commentator Mark Richmond said very often during the match, goal different in the football tournament plays a crucial role in deciding the semi-finalists following the earlier result that had Vietnam walloped Brunei 7-0 in another Group A match.

That remark was made before the 86th minute equalizer by the Indo-Chinese, with the result now it is now a uphill battle in the team's attempt to break the duck for the games' most coveted gold medal.

But how? Learn to do some shooting practices now.


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