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[Instant Reaction] Vietnam 0 -1 Singapore: Cubs rescued their SEA Games mission by skin of teeth

Sahil Suhaimi's (3) goal ensured Cubs' win (file picture)
It was a hard fought win for the Singapore Under-23 in their 1-0 victory over their Vietnamese counterparts in their Group A SEA Games match.

With this result, the Cubs propelled to the top of their Group on an undefeated record after this win and a draw earlier against Laos on Sunday.

Once again, the Aide Iskandar's boys shown their bluntness in front of goal with just a goal registered on the record through their leading scorer Suhil Suhaimi's deflected strike that settled the difference in the injury time of the first half.

Other than that, there wasn't much to crow about with the remaining of the match that seems far too familiar, except it was fair to acknowledge that Vietnam were by far the better side of the two with the intensiveness of their game coupled with some clever plays that threaten to punish the Singapore side in their box on several occasions.

But football is such a cruel game that only decide the winners by the greater number of goals score and tonight it was Singapore who rescued their campaign by the skin of teeth with this narrow win which barely would convince the critics back home.

Probably, like the coach Aide said before it's better not to hit the form too early that hopefully the remaining matches against Brunei and Malaysia will see the Cubs raise to the occasion.


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