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Mr Peter Lim (left) is planning to buy Valencia (file shot)
Just what was the first reaction when you read about billionaire investor Peter Lim's plan to take over La Liga side Valencia CF (1,2) when our football in our own backyard is struggling to pull the much-needed funding and attention?

It's pointless and meaningless to say anything about Lim's latest foray in football scene, it is his money after all and he will decide where it deemed fit as any businessman would.

So much so of keeping maintaining the "feel-good" sentiment to convince the sceptical masses, the latest move by Lim, whose significant involvement in the local sports scene is through his SOF-Peter Lim Scholarship scheme, will once again cast the spotlight on the local game administrators' ability to attract more homegrown corporate big wigs.

Which I am sure more people would be appreciated to see Singapore Airlines back to the foray, instead of having Air Asia embossed across the Lions' training kits.

Air Asia is flashed on the Lions training kits (file shot)
The challenge of trying to grab a bigger share of the sponsorship pie will be made harder when the ambitious Asean Super League hit full swing with its marketing partner, WSG Group CEO Andrew Georgiou remarked the following words in a recent interview.

"The ASL is about harnessing the commercial strength of the region to improve the quality of football (of all countries here), that's the starting point of the conversation,"

So there you have it, when you are not able to come up with a presentable proposal and tidy up the current mess, how is one going to entice potential sponsors to commit a bigger amount to funds to back you up?

At most, what we have seen so far are maybe out of goodwill and can't really qualified as partners for those commitments in the scene (don't forget FAS is considered a charity organization).

So what is now left to do is a get a new cup of milk without fill it to the brink that might cause another spillage.


  1. Its actually a matter of understanding market forces.

    Even me, as a supporter of local football; is not willing to put anymore resources and time into Sleague until it can prove to be a worthwhile asset/investment vehicle.

    Valencia is world famous and have a good chance to bring silverwares, recoup his investments and even send our local lads to Valencia to play.

    AirAsia is from Malaysia, same could be said, why they didnt sponsor in Malaysia? Because SIA target market are the consumers in other countries using their airline to transit via Singapore. There is no point marketing SIA in Singapore when its already so well known in Singapore.

  2. I only do not agree to the sponsorship reasoning on the Airasia part as Airasia is a company and not an individual like Peter Lim. As a matter of fact, Airasia is already sponsoring alot of local sports & events in Malaysia. For example, the prestigious Malaysian MotoGP is title sponsored by Airasia just like how Singtel is the main sponsor for F1 Spore. And although Airasia originate from Malaysia & founded by group of Malaysian investors, their mission in reality is not to be seen as a Malaysian brand but with bigger ambitions to be seen & to represent as a united Asian brand and hence, the collaboration to joint venture in opening up Airasia Indonesia, ThaiAirasia, Airasia Philippines, Airasia Japan etc. Unlike SIA which is just a uniquely Singapore brand flying only Singapore name. That is why Airasia are supportive in sponsoring Asean sports teams like Sungapore soccer, Asian Basketball League, just to name a few, as its vision is to market itself as a strong regional Asian brand rather than just a local Malaysian brand.


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