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URGENT!!! Don't missed out anything on BoLASEPaKO's Facebook Page

It came to my attention only after other Facebook Pages' (FB Page) owners made the similar notice on their page wall following some changes by Facebook that I thought it's necessary to follow suit as well.

I was told that according to the new rulings or requirement to be precised, FB Page owners are obliged to promote their postings by paying a fee.

Failure to do so will see subsequent postings by the FB Page owner (that's me in the case) reaching out to only 10% of those who “liked” this page (meaning to say that now there are more than 710 “likes” and only 71 people will get to see updates on their feeds!).

But fear not, as I managed to print-screen a number of screen shots which I hope through this step-by-step guide will help you to “bookmark” the FB Page in order not to miss out any information that might deemed essential on Singapore football.

Here it goes.

I hope this step-by-step guide had clearly illustrated the steps correctly, as I noticed there are a few other versions of creating such a list onto the side-menu by other FB Page owners.

Also, please kindly note that the illustrated guide is meant for DESKTOP use and might not be applicable for MOBILE use.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience caused, but this is something we, all the FB Page owners, can't be helped and certainly hope our users are not being "short-change" because of the changes implemented by FACEBOOK.

Thank you for your kind attention and support...


  1. Oh thanks, now I think it will be too difficult for me to miss a new post from Bolasepako, I will go right now and like your Facebook page, thanks :D


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