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Thought of Wisdom by Yazid...

Yazid was the MOM for 2009 Singapore Cup
"It's really not how much you're getting paid, but how you manage your money..." Geylang United goalkeeper Yazid Yasin. 
The former Lion City Cup winning custodian was recently saw himself being embroiled in a "that thing" case that saw two of his former teammates jailed.

Many lauded the action taken by the Eagles skipper after he was being approached by reported straight to the relevant authorities that led to the conviction of Koreans Kim Jae Hong and Jeong Byung Euk.

While many seem to be fixated with the nagging scourge that has been bothering the whole setup, those words by the 32 year-old had appeared to give us a view from another perspective.

The importance of managing your money probably should be something apply to everyone, especially of that of those professional athletes whose career lifespan is short.

While efforts have been made to educate players, officials alike of the danger of "that thing", it's also equally important to equip them with adequate knowledge to manage their finances properly.

Had we not heard a case of a player who got his contract terminated last year by his club over his alleged finance irregularities? And part of the reasons was that failure to exercise prudence over his spending (as told).

As such, is it also a time for all to look into the area to educate the players in this financial management to avoid them fallen into hard time after they hang up their boots?

(P.S: Having said that, I do come to know of a few players involving some sidelines outside the game in prepare for time ahead and this should be encouraged with assistance provided, if necessary)


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