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[Feature] H-TWO-O Football School Camp with Fandi Ahmad

(The entry is formulated from the transcript of the media release obtained via YEO'S, the makers of H-TWO-O)
(P.S: The copyrights of the images depicted in this blog entry belong to YEO'S, unless stated on the images itself.)

Fandi (in yellow shirt) briefs the student at the camp
The June school holidays should never be a dull affair, as it's a time for students to get away from the books and out of the four walls of their classrooms to indulge themselves in fun-filled activities under the sunny skies of this island nation.

With that in mind, H-TWO-O introduced its inaugural Football School Camp with Fandi Ahmad, its newly appointed ambassador at the reins. The camp was aim to give students an opportunity to learn new skills, promote team work and good sportsmanship.

In this three-day football and hydration clinic that was held recently, participating students were encouraged to spend more time in the sun outdoors, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle, instead of spending copious amounts of time video gaming and becoming a “couch potato”.

The students undergo drills during the camp under Fandi
With Singapore school children having one of the highest prevalence rates in the world for myopia, it clearly shows the local kids are not spending enough time in reasonably bright sunlight, thus the H-TWO-O Football School Camp served its purpose as a cornerstone in helping to prevent and reduce myopia progression.

Before the start of the camp, the participants were handpicked by their school PE teachers based on their football aptitude and academic performance in order to be qualified for the tutelage under the former FC Groningen star.

During the three-day camp, The boys went through a series of trainings to hone their footballing skills, such as dribbling and passing to shooting accuracy and advanced level strategic planning in the game.

The one for the album 
In addition to the endurance and skills training, the camp also conducted hydration clinics whereby the boys were taught of the importance of hydration during sports and understand how dehydration would affect their sports performance.

“The goal of this camp is also to help young people bring out their potential and strengths that are already there, but may not have been fully realized yet. Fandi Ahmad is an inspiration to the soccer community in Singapore and we hope that the youth will aspire to be like him with zeal and desire to succeed in life”, said Wong Lye Yin, Senior Marketing Manager of Yeo's, the makers of H-TWO-O, of the motive behind this camp.

The group photo at the end of the camp
Indeed, the same thoughts were shared by the former Singapore national skipper, who turned 50 on this day.

Said Fandi:“It has been my life-long dream and passion to groom youth talents locally and this school camp organized by H-TWO-O perfectly complements that. It also provides a platform to spot talents for the H-TWO-O Ultimate Dream Team (which he is also fronted the whole setup), where the potential young talents will be groomed further.”  

This camp is complimentary for all selected students as part of H-TWO-O’s initiatives to nurture youth talents, and promote sports and hydration.

A second season of the H-TWO-O Football School Camp will take place during the December holidays.


  1. Happy that our greatest footballing son is reviered by H-TWO-O but sad that Fandi's own initiative 'Fandi Ahmad Academy' (FAA) not take-off.


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