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Bitching among us to see improvement by itself

Seems to me the news of the league authority having talks with another Japanese club, Cerezo Osaka "some time back" triggered another round of exchanges of thoughts on the tweet timeline.

Not much concern about whether the league is ready to welcome another new team into it, nor the fate of Albirex Niigata (Singapore), who are in the scene since 2004, are considering a pull-out if the Osaka club is to be given entry to the league.

It's more on how those discussions sprung out of this that led us back to the vicious cycle that most of us are so familiar with.

Sorry, but have the "SuperGals" ignited the passion? (credit: FAS)
Sorry, but have the "SuperGals" ignited the passion? (credit: FAS)

Vicious Cycle 

Talks vary from whether is the league ready to take another foreign club at the expense of those local ones to reminiscing the "good ol' days" from whenever it was, from the issues of how the league authority's attempts to bring back to crowds with some futile initiatives to the lack of media exposure, etc.

As we can see for ourselves that we know what are the issues that we are facing in local football and they are actually nothing new, which is, therefore, a concern.

If every day, we are facing a new problem after solving those old ones, I would be less than worried because it means we are actually improving and bracing ourselves with a greater challenge ahead.

Status Quo

10 years ago or so, we talked about the lack of awareness in the S.League. 10 years later, we are still fighting to generate that in Singaporeans' mindset.

This souvenir ball was given out at the launch of GOAL 2010
This souvenir ball was given out at the launch of GOAL 2010

10 years ago or so, we were talking about how National Service and "paper chase" were the stumbling blocks of our athletes from progressing further. 10 years later, after "Goal 2010", "Strategic Plan" and whatsoever fancied titled blueprints you had seen, you still can't get national players to release from their NS obligation to represent the nation.

In short, we are not moving at all and keep holding back by those problems we are facing since day one.

One may argue the difficulties faced and things evolved in manners beyond one's control, but it's not what I felt.

Rather, it's the lack of bold, brave decisions and a clear mindset to undertake to break the mold that if 10 years (or longer) down the road, things remain as they are now, I think that would be the end of the road.

While in the meantime, we just keep bitching among ourselves to see improvement come out by itself.


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