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My Letter to the "World"...

Dear World,
While you were away to the World Cup festival (pictured above - a common sight everywhere in Singapore), some interesting events actually took place during your absence.

Several procrastinating issues were pushed onto the table top after the media probed on matters pertaining the security and the crowd attendance.

SCREEN-GRAB of the issues probed by the media of late

Matters as such were never openly discussed, and now as they pricked wide open, one can't simply avoid them now.

While they had caught the league authority "off-guard", I do certainly hope they are readily going to address these nagging issues instead of paying "lip-service" to the masses.

On the bright side, though, it was confirmed that the Cubs (National U-23 team) are heading to Guangzhou for the Asian Games in November, following the successful appeal to the SNOC, the decision-making body.

But it was just the beginning of the start, since now all eyes will be the Young Lions, whom being the base of the Cubs to justify their call to represent the nation.

Following a whirlwind trip to Burma, the Young Lions saw themselves succumbed to a 1-0 lost to Beijing Guoan Talents at the Yishun Stadium, under the watchful eyes of national coach Raddy (pictured above left with team manager Eugene Loo on his right).

Citing fatigue as one of the reasons, Young Lions' coach V Sundramoorthy also felt the absence of skipper Hariss Harun (pictured below) was another key factor too.

Hariss Harun's trip to Shanghai failed to clinch him a contract but "Player of the Month" instead

While the young prodigal son of local football set the buzz alight with a long-awaited trial overseas to top CSL side, Shanghai Shenhua, which, however, failed to materialize after the Chinese team's Croatian coach, Miroslav Blazevic "did not get the chance to assess the 19-year-old thoroughly during his stay there".

Sengkang's new signing Kenji Arai (pictured right) came as a surprise to many

The transfer window seen some interesting signing with the returning of ex-SAFFC defender Kenji Arai to local football by joining cellar-dwellers Sengkang Punggol.

And still on the Dolphins, are they glad that Ryan Fante (pictured below) is off-loaded after a misery stint at Hougang.

For the time being, Singapore will never be a wonderful destination to Fante (pictured above right)

Whilst, I tried not to be influenced by what I heard and read about the short-comings of the Canadian striker, unfortunately, having seen the hapless Fante in action against the NFA U17 squad had more or less confirmed he did not met the minimum requirement.

Back on the title race, while SAFFC had walloped Woodlands Wellington 4-0 last week, their “auld enemy”- Home United strung up an impressive six straight clean sheet and propelled them up to second place, four points behind leaders Etoile, following their 2-0 win over Gombak United.

Has Home Utd's coach Paul Lee (pictured above right) found the right formula after a shaky start to the campaign?

Before that long, weren't we wondering if Tampines Rovers would be the ONE instead, till their draw with their neighbour Geylang United in the recent derby that ended 0-0.

But the biggest shock of all must be the defeat to Albirex Niigata by Etoile that prompted the official tweet to declare
“S.League title race blown wide open as Etoile lose 1st game after going 12 unbeaten when they went down 1-0 to Albirex.”
Anyway, the World Cup had concluded days ago, it's interesting to see what's in store next for the local season...

Hope to see you back at grounds...

With Regards
Pohui :)


  1. Hi Pohui,

    Talking about security, who can forget the racist remarks made by some fans when Young Lions take on Etoile FC. Sounds mimicking monkey/dog and calling Mendy a 'monkey' was apparently 'overlooked' by the clueless Security Personnel, who were totally clueless as to what to do with their 'friends'.

    Moreover, the whole Young Lions fans/cheer leading team were also making monkey sounds when the black etoile players touched the balls.

    Since FAS openly started the ball rolling with 'banning hooligans', and we know what effect it had on clubs whose supporters are making such chants, it probably means one things: The FAS have to 'walk the talk' and not 'talk the talk'.

    I personally felt that such an action warrants a thorough investigation by the 'relevant authorities'. Moreover, if the current security cannot cope with the challenges they are facing, then what is Certis Cisco doing? They are listed as a sponser, but apart from ACL and AFC Cup games, I do not see their presence at all.

    Yours truly,

  2. Hi Fernando,

    Thanks for your comments..

    It's regrettable if such act did take place (don't get me wrong, as I was not at the scene that time I can't really comment on those actions)

    While, it's acknowledged that football is an emotional game, but it's also a game that break down all barriers and such hideous acts should be avoidable.


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