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The show must go on....

Balestier's Brazilian import Vitor Borges venturing into the Rams' heartlands

So much debate had been on-going if the S.League should have a recess during the World Cup period.

The argument is that with the "Greatest Show on Earth" grabbing the attention world-wide, the domestic league will be further deprived of attention and the crowds, as reported on the papers recently, are staying away.

However, in my opinion (as I already spelt it out during a discussion on this blog's FB page), we simply can't stop the league just because of the World Cup.

My reason being that it will cause a "piling up"of fixtures towards the end of the season.

Yes, for the fact that initially there was suppose to be a recess for the league during this period when there was a proposal for a joint-tournament between the S.League clubs and their Malaysian counterparts.

However, due to some technical difficulties, the whole proposal was scrapped off (anyway, I was told the Malaysians are not that keen to complete against the S.League clubs unless it's against SINGAPORE - talk about that "Malaysia Cup"sentiment).

Furthermore, with the YOG (Youth Olympics Games) to be held in August, the league will have its recess with the national team heading to Europe for a training tour in prepare for the Asean tournament at the end of the year.

Having a gap now for the sake of the World Cup, I'm not sure if it would break the momentum of some of the teams as a lengthy period without games with competitive nature might somehow jolt the form of these teams, especially of those who are "on the form".

For the sake of it, the show MUST GO ON...

(P.S: the match photos are of those of Prime League fixture between Gombak United and SAFFC at Jurong West Stadium and those of between Woodlands Wellington and Balestier Khalsa at Woodlands Stadium on the same day)


  1. I agree. Let's not forget that the so-called 'Greatest Football Show' is not really accessible to the most people here (like many years ago) unless they are willing to pay or squeeze with others in CCs, pubs, restaurants and coffeeshops. The S.League gives the fans an excellent opportunity to catch real football actions at reasonable price and comfort during a time where some people are using football as a money-sucking tool.

  2. Aiyah, Hui-ge, actually the problem with S-League is not World Cup or no World Cup, just that it has lost relevance to the general public.

    What I'm shock to see is the way they count the attendence. Complimentary ticket.. that one we know long ago lah; Security... ok they have time they "eat snake" watch a bit; other officials.. you might as well include the coaching staff, ball-boy, referee and players on the field, since they not only "attend" (hence the word "attendence"), but also participated.

    So our "attendence" is so miserable despite being inflated. Haiz...

  3. I have to agree that the general public is not too receptive to the S League.

    I would not say I am an ardent supporter but definitely more than the usual crowd but of late I start to feel our local football has not been able to generate that some burning interest in me.

    Sometime I see a lack in desire & passion in people associated to make it a good show to keep the flame going, so when people like myself get the aloof feeling, you can imagine how the casual viewers felt about the product.


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