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And the Winner is.....

We have come to the end of the "Spot-The-Grammar-Mistake" contest based on this entry titled "Noticed the "M" or "W" effect in recent matches??".

As the rules stipulated in the second round of the contest (which was made known to those involved) that since none of the "short-listed" respond to the request to indicate whether they intend to follow-up in the second round of the contest, it was therefore decreed that the winner of the BOCAP will be decided by a "LUCKY DRAW" format.


Footage recorded with ONE take...

"Tampines Rovers suffered a shock defeat at the hands of Young Lions last mid-week, before came back strongly to whack Beijing last night, and while completed their "last-of third-in-seven" when they squared off against Etoile in the mouth-watering match in JBS."

The mentioned paragraph was written on 7th June, whereas Tampines played Etoile on the 9th, so doesn't that mean "completed" should not be used in the paragraph?

My mistake
While completed their "last-of third-in-seven" ... Etoile in the mouth-watering match in JBS.

My answer
While 'to be completed' their "last-of third-in-seven" ... Etoile in the mouth-watering match in JBS.

The winner will be contacted shortly... Stay Tuned.

I would like to add that there may be some opinions on the FINAL answer, but please bear in mind that ALL DECISIONS are FINAL, and hope in the good spirit like in any competition - Please respect and accept whatever outcome. Thank you

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