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Duric call-up (what a surprise!)...

TODAY story on Duric

I think 37 year-old Aleksandar Duric should be the oldest "call-up" to national team in history.

A slight tweak in the normal "youth-prioritised" policy, coach Raddy's inclusion of Duric should gave more attacking options to the Lions.

Perhaps, the whole idea is to make use of the naturalized citizen's gigantic physical presence in the box.

Although, one must realized that international game is a different ball game (Egmar and Mirko should know why).

But feel sorry for SAFFC as it wasn't a pleasant news they wanted, as inclusion of Duric in the national team had further dealt a blow in their quest to retain the title.

Maybe, Warriors' coach Richard Bok should somehow felt the agony of what his mentor, Home United coach Vincent Subramaniam, felt. (p.s: just a cheeky thought :p)

Straits Times story on Duric


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