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For those who visited my website before, all should know that from time to time, I would definitely poke fun at the some members of the local mainstream media, particularly on their coverage on local football.

Here we are several thousand miles away from the British Isle, yet our mainstream papers look as they are "part of the British media", shelling out comments, reviews and previews so long the likes of England,Chelski, Liverpools and Man Us are being featured.

While at our own backyard here, the current reigning Tiger Cup champions Singapore national team are upgainst the Cambodia national team in Phnom Penh on the 11th Oct.

Yet, being called itself the so-called "football paper" (if l'm not wrong), the main aftertnoon daily seems to be more concerned about the performance of the "Three Lions" rather than our very OWN Lions.

Extensive coverage and comments on the English chalked up much of the back pages with almost 0% on the local game .

While the morning complimentary daily has been the main source of news and write-ups on the local game, sometimes, I'm been just ,just ,innocently wondering if there's some sort of "arrangement" that each paper are given a role in the game coverage in Singapore. (just wondering, honestly, not meant to target at anyone.)

So yet again, l know l'm fighting a losing battle but l would love to see for myself one day a mass participation by all media in Singapore to give a damn on our own football.

(Picture shown: The following day's newspapers carried the Lions' Tiger Cup triumph)


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