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"Matchpix" - July 2012

(P.S: If you access this site via "", please click the "Facebook" icon after you click "HERE" when you want to view the album as that will redirect you to the album, thank you) Uniform Derby - Singapore Cup 04/07/12 It wasn't easy to snap the shots when the lights were dimmed, as compared to those during the AFC Cup.The uploading of the shots was late, as I was out of town shortly after the game. The 2-1 win by the Warriors eventually laid the ground for their advancement to the semi-finals of the Cup after they drew 3-3 with the Protectors days later at home. (P.S2: This album is the only one for the month of July due to various pre-arranged commitments that made it impossible to have a few more.) PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SEE THE REST OF THE MATCH PICTURES

[Media Information] 30th FAS Annual General Meeting

(This entry is formulated based on the media release issued by the Football Association of Singapore ) SINGAPORE, 30 JULY 2012: The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) held its 30th Annual General Meeting this evening at the Jalan Besar Stadium with the Council members, sponsors, club representatives and members of the media in attendance. Touching on various highlights of the organisation through the financial year 2011, FAS presented these events through a video presentation and a newly designed Annual Report (Jan 2011 – March 2012). FAS president, Mr Zainudin Nordin spoke at length on the Strategic Plan 2010 -2015 and its implementation progress as they move into the second half of the plan. How much have we adhere to "The Strategic Plan "? He said “As we move into the second half of the implementation of the FAS Strategic Plan, we will continue to work closely with our members and stakeholders, in pursuit of our objectives, as envisaged in our plan.” He w

Disjoint effort after all??

This morning saw this article online that revealed FAS president Mr Zainudin Nordin's thought of throwing the towel  (screengrab below) amid the doldrums facing the local football. courtesy of Mediacorp TODAY So much so of listed down of what were achieved during this down time (even if some critics may not be convinced of those positive stuff), one paragraph of the report captured my attention and had me pondering. He (Zainudin) revealed that an extensive survey done by an external party has shown that fans who watch V Sundramoorthy's side play in the Malaysian Super League (MSL) are largely not S-League fans to begin with - suggesting that the MSL does not draw fans away from the S-League. Flashback to weeks earlier to this entry I posted  (screengrab below)... The earlier entry dated 25th May 2012 If like what Mr Zainudin mentioned (in bold italics font) is substantiate, is that any notable effort like what Courts Young Lions are doing (depicted below) to dr

[Starhub League Cup 2012] Let the show begin...

Up for grab again. Here we go again as tomorrow will see the resuming of the League Cup competition with another chance for the clubs to complete for a silverware. What has made it more interesting is that everyone will have their fair share of chances of grabbing one of the two pieces of silverware offered in this mid-season tournament now renamed as "Starhub League Cup" with the sponsorship that tied with the package announced earlier of the year. Just to reiterate that this year's competition will have the 12 S.League teams (with the exclusion of Harimau Muda) split into four groups of three teams on a round-robin basis. Top two teams from each group will qualify for the Quarter-Finals before proceed to the next stage of the tournament, while those teams that finish bottom of their groups will qualify for the Plate Competition (see depicted in the image below). Screen grab for FAS media release The last two years had seen foreign sides walked away wit

Club merchandise (CPBL experience)

I blogged something about club merchandise based on what I saw in Australia years ago and added that there must be some essentialities that would prompt the supporters to part their cash on these items, other than showing their affiliation to the clubs they follow. This is why I implied that concept in my recent trip to Taipei, where I was there to catch two baseball games featuring the CPBL side I follow - the Brother Elephants (now known as CTBC Brothers  ** ). One of the essential items that baseball is associated with is, of course, the cap. A Brother Elephants Cap THE CAP For good reason, the eyeshade of the cap is essential in blocking off the rays from the floodlights or evening sun that might affect the vision when watching the games. The cap (pictured left) I bought at Taipei is a wire-meshed cap that is exactly the same headgear being worn by the players. The porous design of this cap actually improves the ventilation that keeps the players cool while playing the