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Use them wisely... what not...

Not that long ago, I tweet something like this: "Instead of 'sponsor', should we be looking for 'strategic partners' for #sleague and clubs?" And many of those replied said there ain't much different between the two, since both are the so-called financial providers or whatsoever. However, months back while attended the "Soccerex Asia" (pictured above where I met Romario there - see I was behind the legend!!), one of the panellists of one discussion group have this to say (if I remember correctly). "It is about finding the right partner in marketing your product and one can't simply blame everything on English Premiership for the inability for not able to do that." he said. I think the key word here he used was the word "partner" and not merely refer them as "sponsor". Having a brief thought about it from someone who is not trained as a marketing person, I come to this conclusion that to me a "sponso

Yeah, we know what are the problems... So stop whining eh...

I think many of you read what was written on The Straits Times today, eh? Nothing short of the usual woes we are facing in today's local football - the lack of quality players and standard, the lack of bonding between fans and clubs, the lack of familiarity of the teams and players, etc. So nothing new and this tells us we know what are the problems that we are all talking about here. And I think it's high time we should stop whine about these issues and get down to business to fix it, rather than talk over and over again. Now, do YOU know WHO YOU ARE in WHAT ROLE you are PLAYING? Perhaps, at a start one should log on to my fellow blogger Arief's blog, "Lions All The Way" which recently had he posted a series of entries titled "10 Things YOU Can do to Help Local Football!" as a guide on how you can help. Just to quote a line which caught my attention among the posts. "The day that Singapore football dies, is the day that the fans stop bel

S.League to sit for 'O' level exam in 2011

My spotlight-shy friend, who brought us his yearly review mentioned in "point-form" the other day, came back with another SMS which he texted me days ago... (P.S: Those in GREEN are what he texted, while whatever mentioned in the brackets are my take of the events) Next year will be GCE 'O' level for S.League. 1st yr-Many fans came to visit & showered baby with gifts. (Remember those days at the start of the S.League when the fans flocked in see what's in store for us?) End of 2nd,3rd, Parents Pay cut due to recession. (The economic crisis that made all to tighten their belt with the 20% pay cut across the board) 4th&5th coming up. (Things are starting coming up as suggested.) 6th K2 in 2001,started to have extra rounds to prepare for Primary,teachers from Manchester & Liverpool came to teach us. (The league begun the three-round format and have that ever since, Kallang was filled with crowds with Michael Owen and David Beckham came to town)


Introduction The TODAY's exclusive on the 16th December ( 'S-League needs major surgery' ) seems to have triggered a wide range of discussions on the flaws on the local football. A break from past template of reviewing the events of the past year, I selected a few topics that caught my attention and blogged my thoughts on them instead... Screwed1 Did Home United messed up itself at the end of the day by allowing Shahril Ishak (pictured below) to leave at the most critical juncture of the season? (Pictured above) Shahril Ishak's crowning as the "Player of the Year" is not without any controversy. While every effort had been made to offer its former skipper a much-improved contract that would have seen the inspiring midfielder being the highest paid at the club, the Protectors' management were helpless, but to see its prized possession left for Indonesia. The absence of the national midfielder was in evidence as Home United's form took a be

Nothing to worry as fine-tuning still going for both Hougang and Sabah

The 3-0 scoreline of this friendly fixture played on the field at the Meridian Junior College in Pasir Ris shouldn't be raised too much a concern for both visiting Sabah FA (in white jersey) and newly-named Hougang United (in red-black striped outfit). After all, both teams are in the midst of their preparation for their upcoming season, but the only difference is the Malaysians are already several levels ahead of their Singapore counterparts in getting themselves ready. "We started our training session on 1st November and we had undergone some solid training for the past six to seven weeks." said the SabaHawks' Australian coach Gary Phillips after the match. "And I'm pleased with my team performance and would be glad if we can continue to play like this. "But it's still early days ahead with some fine-tuning to be going as this team will be facing a tougher challenge against big teams like Selangor, Kelantan."added the coach who guided the