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A League of their own (Asia Now Junior Indoor Soccer League)

All matches are play at THE CAGE. Asia Now Junior Indoor Soccer League - The league being first of its kind in Singapore featured a total of 36 teams of various age-group from six to eleven, with games play on alternate Sunday mornings of every month at "The Cage". "What we want to do is to instill the idea of fair play to these kids, therefore the winning team is not decided by the number of goals scored but based on point system of the 'green card' and 'blue card' system we devised." said Mr Jamaludeen Kunjun, the Technical Director of Singapore Soccer Academy (SSA) - the tournament organizers, , on the idea behind this youth indoor Sunday tournament . The "shaking hands" ceremony at the end of the match, is one of the values the tournament wants to promote. The “card” system which Mr Kunjun explained that to qualify for a "green" card, every players must completed the given specific task when they play, and these ar

The show must go on....

Balestier's Brazilian import Vitor Borges venturing into the Rams' heartlands So much debate had been on-going if the S.League should have a recess during the World Cup period. The argument is that with the "Greatest Show on Earth" grabbing the attention world-wide, the domestic league will be further deprived of attention and the crowds, as reported on the papers recently , are staying away. However, in my opinion (as I already spelt it out during a discussion on this blog's FB page), we simply can't stop the league just because of the World Cup. My reason being that it will cause a "piling up"of fixtures towards the end of the season. Yes, for the fact that initially there was suppose to be a recess for the league during this period when there was a proposal for a joint-tournament between the S.League clubs and their Malaysian counterparts. However, due to some technical difficulties, the whole proposal was scrapped off (anyway, I was told t

[Event] Nike Cup Singapore 2010 @ *SCAPE

Good thing was that the flood that devastated the island shopping belt did no damage to the *SCAPE , the venue of the Nike Cup Singapore Tournament (pictured above). Under the blazing sun, 120 teams from the "Central Zone" of Singapore comprised of sides of both "Junior" (between the age of 14 to 16) and "Senior" (17 to 19) categories were vie for a spot to among the top 50 teams (25 each from each category) to represent this zone to complete in the Grand Final after the tournament completed its “around-the-island” tour. According to organizers, this tournament will be played in other “zones” (i.e.: East, West,North Zones), following the completion of the “Central Zone”. On top of the Nike trophy and products, the winning team of the “Senior” category of this tournament will get a chance to head to Brazil on an all-expenses paid trip to train in Granja Comary where the Brazilian national teams conduct their training sessions. While the winning team

Some worthless relic from the past....

I must apologize for the recent lack of updating due to the fact that there are some tidy chores in my house for the upcoming repair works that are gonna take place in days to come. As such, I might see myself being tied up for some packing and clearing up some stuff along the process. The last time around saw I unearthed the two precious TNP centerspread of the Malaysia Cup era and now here are some relics I discovered during my clearing out... OLD MATCH TICKETS I think match tickets are something just like a piece of stamp that reflected well on something that happened in the past. On and off, I would always get an email from a Belgian ticket collector asking for the used tickets for those Lions' matches. Unfortunately, these used tickets below are not to be given away at any price for their significance. (Pictured above) This ticket was the admission slip to the S.League Opening ceremony on 14 April 1996 at the National Stadium where the Thai national team was in town to

And the Winner is.....

INTRODUCTION We have come to the end of the "Spot-The-Grammar-Mistake" contest based on this entry titled "Noticed the "M" or "W" effect in recent matches??" . As the rules stipulated in the second round of the contest (which was made known to those involved) that since none of the "short-listed" respond to the request to indicate whether they intend to follow-up in the second round of the contest, it was therefore decreed that the winner of the BOCAP will be decided by a "LUCKY DRAW" format. THE CONDUCTING OF THE LUCKY DRAW TO DECIDE THE WINNER OF "BOCAP" Footage recorded with ONE take... THE ANSWER.... "Tampines Rovers suffered a shock defeat at the hands of Young Lions last mid-week, before came back strongly to whack Beijing last night, and while completed their "last-of third-in-seven" when they squared off against Etoile in the mouth-watering match in JBS." The mentioned