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10 years old

The anniversary logo With nothing to grip on, Barefooted, with one leg bendng struggling to stand firm on the ground, While another foot, trying to balance the ball The green patch beneathe symbolized the lack of spaces we facing now. - This is the 10th anniversary of BoLASEPaKO After 10 years This blog entry is significant in a sense that it marks the 10th anniversary of BoLASEPaKO. From a monthly updated site to opt for a more flexible approach offered by a blogging format, is the major transformation of the humble little site. The decade-long existence of BoLASEPaKO witnessed the "come-and-go" of many promising local football websites that closed down fast before it's able to stand on its own. It is all boiled down to passion, the focus and keeps within the means, that see this cyberspot last to this day (which is something I proud to say that). Take a break when any sign of fatigue occurred, helps to rejuvenate the spirit, doesn't matter if the crowds decided not

Pics and video from Singapore Cup 2006

Nay.. I'm not going to brief you guys how did the game went on, as you can source for it on the web. The Thai media were here to cover the game and they made the smart choice to snap some photos before the "grand old lady" is going to tear down in months to come. It must be my lucky day, after allowed a member from the Thai media to access the net through my lappy, as a token of appreciation, I was given this Thai Olympics collar pin!! (Wow.. 好心有好吧?hehehe) The crowds at the ground, frankly speaking, the crowds were slightly higher than last year, though I'm sad that it would take many years to realize the dream of having 65,000 for this premier cup tournament. Tampines Rovers' Aliff Shafaein rescued the day for the Stags, after his last ditch attempt ensured the new trohpy stayed in Singapore. Stag's coach Vorawan Chitavanich shared his thoughts of the game... .. So did Chonburi's coach Withaya Laohakul (who can't hide his disappointment after

S.League Awards Nite 2006

Went to the awards nite presentation held at the Mediacorp TV threater, located at the Caldecott Broadcast Centre (which in years to come is going to shift to the western part of the island but that's not the issue rather strange enough, got at least three acquaintances reminded me about that!! ). Invited guests (from match officials to the players, VIPs to the fans) making their way to the theater. The setting inside the theater (actually more or less the same like last year's) 987's "Muttons" - Justin Ang and Vernon A were the hosts of the night. Mr Zainuddin Nordin, the Mayor of Central Singapore District, the Vice-President of FAS (and most importantly, he is my MP) gave the opening speech. It seems that some of the award presenters looked nervous and unprepared for the event. (like here we have the lovely Jade Seah being one of them, kept staring at the "cards") This "Botak" here (Gurmit Singh) gave a rather unimpressive performance (sh

Grow up, Agu!

Someone like Agu Casmir don't deserved to wear the red jersey of the Lions and even any of the S.League's colours. I agreed with what his (now former)coach Jorg Steinnebrunner said, "If he had any gratitude for what we (Woodlands) did for him, he would have agreed to the new offer without any hesitation." I think no local clubs would even want to risk their monies on this naturalized citizen, after all the "hoo-ha" he created last December. Thanks to the irresponsible act of this controversial striker, the FAS eventually had to review its FTS scheme that was heavily-criticized for its extravagancy over the grants allocated for naturalized players under the scheme. So please Agu, wise up or ship out!