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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

"YO-YO LEMBU" - Bulls back for the third time?

Gombak back for the third time, sure or not?
I came to know that Gombak United are eying a comeback to the S.League.

As what S.League CEO Lim Chin being quoted in papers saying they "are presently doing well", I am not quite sure of what does he mean by that.

With a team that encountered sit out twice in recent years, anyone would expect them to be strengthened fundamentally after the first "sit-out" in 2002.
"I recently had a chat with John Yap (Gombak United's chairman) and... his club are presently doing well as he prepares for Gombak to come back even stronger in the future, just like he has done before." S.League CEO Lim Chin, as quoted 
But who would expect them to pull out last minute and left some of their players scrambling available spots with other clubs in a short space of time earlier this year?

Having seen teams came and gone in recent years, no one can be blamed that such an application would be dealt with some skepticism and especially in the case of the Bulls, being a twice absentee.

However, in the words of the CEO, everything seems alright and wouldn't be surprised to see them back when the time is right.

How Etoile and BGT passed the "check' at first?

Nonetheless, it must be reminded that should any repeat of team to call it a day after one or two seasons will not only cause the league organizing into disarray, the perceived "stringent check in place" on any new application to join the league would be seen as "paper tiger" that fail to keep things in check.

Should everything is in place and in order, could anyone explain whatever went wrong for teams like Sporting Afrique, Paya Lebar Punggol, Super Reds and those Chinese-based clubs?

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