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National Training Centre - Distant Dream? No More?

Just to sidetrack a bit, with the recent announcement of the White Paper on the Population Growth, it is likely to see more lands to be used for accommodate the growing population for residential, commercial uses and not much were mentioned for recreational purpose (as what I gathered so far).

In fact, several media reports suggested land lease of several existing country clubs would not be extended as the result since those lands that currently having golf courses for recreational purpose on them are likely to make way for the mentioned purpose for "more viable development".

Print-screen of Point No.5 - Football Facilities spelled out under the "Strategic Plan"
Therefore, for those "hardware" infrastructures listed in the "Strategic Plan" (if all still recall that priceless blueprint of FAS in praising any single achievement by citing having adhere to it), is it something unlikely to materialize after all?

I think Farrer Park, for many deemed as the nursery for local talent since last century had been singled out as the venue for the proposed National Training Centre (NTC), but given its location I have my doubts.

The nursery of Singapore Football - Farrer Park (c) 2013 Ko Po Hui
Not forgetting to mention the FIVE "A" Class stadiums and a medium-sized stadium alongside with the NTC in the blueprint.

Question is when the plans of such were drawn up, was due consultation being done with the relevant authorities before the unveiling?

Whatever it is, one can be sure whether good or bad times .. the "Strategic Plan" will also be the cornerstone for the game development on this island, but only those who implement it would know themselves can they meet the target by 2015.


  1. Well, what's new? All the fancy sounding plans but absolutely no actions in the end. After Zai steps down, you will only hear all the praises; how he brought us back the MSL...blah..blah..and none of the numerous failed promises that he failed to deliver. Another PAP politician will just take over and the same old story will repeat itself...

  2. On the hindsight, I think it would be better not to have an institution like NTC, as it would lead to "elitism" as what I seen in the current NFA system, which "cream of the crop" would be given "all the attention" while those who failed to make the cut would deny further progression.


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