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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Up to Sundram to prove his worth...

The "Dazzler" - V Sundramoorthy was named the interim Lions coach 
Let's not kid ourselves here and we know what is really going on, unless you are really out of touch.

Don't get me wrong here that while the Lions done us proud in regaining the ASEAN football supremacy last December under tight circumstances, it did not bring us any closer within the likes of South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Japan, etc.

At least for now, it will never, given the wide gulf of standard between the South East Asian region and the "big boys" of Asian football.

Just like when we beat Malaysia in the pre-World Cup qualifiers play-off and earned us a spot in the group stages that ended empty-handed in the end, it was only the Suzuki Cup victory that restored that bit of respect from the public after months of wilderness coupled with skepticism.

Sundram (left) stood in for Raddy during the WCQ 2014 qualifiers
With Lions XII coach V Sundramoorthy taking over the helm as the national team on interim basis, the former idol is presented with the almost identical scenario after we beat Malaysia in 2011.

I cannot gauge at this moment what is the general reception to the announcement of the "Dazzler" being named as the interim national team coach.

After all, the former idol, alongside with "Abang" (Fandi Ahmad), is always one of the two names being singled out in hope to be the one leading the Lions in recent years.

Although there are few voices of concern over the naming of the former striker as the interim replacement for former coach Raddy Avramovic.

For him being the concurrent Lions XII coach that requires him to cross the Causeway many time as often.

Inevitably, questions were raised if he would be available at S.League matches to see the rest of the players in action for his upcoming task - the 2015 AFC Asian Cup qualifiers?

Noh Rahman is one of the players recalled by coach Sundram
However, the recalling of Ismail Yunos, Noh Rahman, Firdaus Idros to the fold and the inclusion of Warriors FC's striker Erwan Gunawan should tell the skeptics out there that coach Sundram is not exactly out of touch with the S.League despite his Malaysian League commitments last twelve months.

Erwan Gunawan (blue) - one of two uncapped in Sundram's squad
After all, here is a man who has seen it all in the domestic pro league since day one with his role of that as a crowd puller at Woodlands Wellington, Jurong before moving on as a coach for the now defunct Cobras and took charge of the Young Lions on separate occasions.

So, does it matter now to doubt V Sundramoorthy's capability, just because of his concurrent role as Lions XII coach?

Rather, the ball is at his court now to prove his worth, ever since his public declaration that he wants the job on permanent basis.

Good Luck.

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